As the name suggests Mixed Martial Arts is a hybrid kind of sports that employs various moves and tactics from different form of martial arts from ancient to modern times in the game. Need less to say that the people who engage in this game form are owners of top quality health, stamina and fitness. This game typically borrows techniques from boxing, free style and Greco-Roman wrestling, Brazilian jiu jitsu, kick boxing and Muay Thai,

There are three basic ways of tackling a opponent in Mixed Martial Arts they are called stand-up fighting, clinch ability, and ground game.

Stand up fighting is generally referred to the moves which are exchanged while the opponents are in standing position. The training in this genre includes punching, kicking & kneeing. Generally, a fighter begins his training with kickboxing and gradually moves on to MuayThai and the normal boxing.

A jab is considered as one of the most unnerving experience because it is a straight punch directly aimed at the opponents face. A cross punch can actually catch the opponent off his guard because it is generally blown towards him from the rear end. A hook shot and a upward punch with the fist known as uppercut is good enough to make the opponent go down on his keens, if its delivered properly.

Since Stand up fighting is all about standing the feet and legs plays an important position, it includes the several blows showered on the heel of the foot known as front kick, round house kick and a sidekick. Out of all these kicks, the side kick is the most dangerous because it uses the flex of the fighter foot when he hits the opponent.

A clinch is more of a defense mechanism employed by fighters when they want to actually nullify the attacks and punches by their opponents. He tries to prevent their moves by employing various tricks from Sambo, Muay Thai and Taekwondo. In this move, the fighter tries to bring his opponent down to the floor. The technique, which he mainly employees, is highly dependent on throws and punches from the Greco Roman style of boxing

The ground game is the most important technique of the fight because it is through this game that a fighter actually seals his win or loss at the game. Ground game as the name suggests happens in the ground level between two fighters. It typically involves bringing the opponent to the ground by using various takedown positions, then mounting on him and preventing him from overpowering him by means of any blows, strikes or moves.

In conclusion, we can only say that Mixed Martial Art is not a static game. Instead, it’s dynamic and is evolving with every passing day. These three tactics are just the elementary principals of the game on which MMA is primarily based. However, the real secret of success lies in a good physics and strong determination to win the fight.

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