Meditation seems challenging to many people, and rightly so. It requires steadfast discipline, yet the benefits of regular meditation are extraordinary, including peace of mind and even enhanced physical health.

Below we include questions from someone who wants to meditate more effectively, along with our feedback and meditation tricks.

“After six days of putting meditation into practice, I have experienced seeing flashes of light. I usually keep a notepad and record my experiences. Now I’m not sure of what exactly I am looking for or should I not be looking for anything at all. The flashes of light is the only occurrence I have experienced so far. The flashes of light have any meaning at all?”

In time, through consistent meditation, you’ll receive the answers to these questions. The flashes may be guides on the other side, a physical or subconscious symptom, or nothing.

“What exactly am I looking for? Is it an image? Is it a sound?”

You are looking for exactly nothing. Your goal is to detach from your mind. We’ve heard many people say, “My mind moves too fast for meditation.” They’re missing the point. The speed of your thinking is irrelevant as it relates to meditation and meditation is the solution for monkey-mind. One of the best ways to detach from your mind is unwavering focus on your chest plate (or third eye, or on a repetitive chant like “Om”).

Think of what goes through a mountain climber’s mind during the most difficult part of her climb--nothing aside from doing what she needs to do to safely complete it because she has no choice. Although you have a choice with meditation, try to mirror the intense, unwavering focus of a mountain climber during your meditation to maximize the benefits.

Since the mind has a natural tendency to wander, upon beginning your meditation session, tell yourself, “Okay, I’ll think about everything after this session.” Then imagine putting all your thoughts, before and during, in a large bag for later. After ten minutes or so of unwavering focus and being in the moment, you will begin to let go of stress and a racing mind.

When you reach a point of tranquility, then focus on a question or problem. Or, you could ask yourself, “What do I need to know right now?”

“During Meditation, can one really receive answers to any problems one may have? Will it take years of practice to receive such insight at any time?”

You will be amazed at the clarity you’ll receive through long-term meditation. With practice you will receive answers. It may not take many years, but instead a regular routine which makes meditation easier the more you do it.

You may ask a question before or during meditation and not get the answer until you wake up the next morning, or the following week. You may hear the answer from a stranger as he passes by on the street, or on TV from a broadcaster. You will get the information you are supposed to get when you are supposed to get it. Also, you won’t get information you’re not supposed to know.

“I have been getting into the habit of meditating in the morning when I wake up or midday afternoon for 15 minutes or up to 30 if I can.”

Excellent! Keep doing it. Here are some other tips you can use to make the most of your meditation sessions: try using music, or try absolute silence; when something interferes with your meditation, like a noisy neighbor, embrace it as part of your meditation; try it at various times of the day to see which works best for you; try aromatherapy or incense (make sure to open a window to vent any toxic fumes); try meditation in a group (you’ll be surprised at how much more intensely you’ll feel the natural brain opiate release); limit your sugar and caffeine intake--it makes detaching from your mind easier; avoid drugs and excessive drinking; try it after exercise or sex; if your attention starts to wander, begin counting at one and imagine gently writing each number on your chest plate; and ask for help from God, or your guides or angels of the Light.

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