There is a popular attraction to young men to the dangerous world of drag racing. Though it is one of the most popular motorsports and strictly regulated by the Australian National Drag Racing Association, many teenagers, referred to as “hoons,” indulge in their reckless and deadly pursuits of drag racing in New South Wales and Victoria. The growing market for performance-enhanced and race modifications of local vehicles from Ford, Chrysler, and Holden gave rise to the drag racing subculture in Australia. Despite the fatal allure of this dangerous stunt, drag racing continues to gain support. In an effort to avoid fatal accidents and crashes, there are race car driving tips that ultimately save lives of young and inexperienced drivers. Check out tuned-up automobiles from online motoring search site Odusee to find high-performance drag race cars.

Unlike Formula One or Motocross, drag racing is more of a head-to-head competition. This means that the race care should be enhanced to improve performance. When it comes to performance, speed is the name of the game. Drivers need to know effective drag racing tips and tricks in order to prevent dangerous things from happening during the race itself. Modifying vehicles for drag racing has become over the top to the point that some drivers would flirt with disaster by using volatile aviation fuel and even injecting hydrogen and nitrous oxide to improve startup speed. However, human factor in the race is still the important thing that can determine winning and losing the race as well as preventing disaster. Whether you’re driving a modified Acura Integra or a purposed-built Top Doorslammer, you have to follow important race car driving tips especially if you are relatively inexperienced in this race.

Before the race begins, check your engine if it is running well. Examine your brakes and other important components. Don’t forget to go over every detail from the tire inflation to the radiator cooling. Once everything has been checked then you can start your engine. Even in motorcycle drag racing, precautionary measures must be observed including the obvious ones: helmet and fire-proof race suits.

As with any racing tips, a good start is a good indicator that will determine if you reach the finish line first or not. The driver should examine the surface of the pit area and look for loose items on the track that may affect your performance. Check the seatbelts if it’s firm and sturdy. Never forget if the radiator coolant overflow catch canister is working properly and no possible fluid leaks.

The PA announcer will then announce the drivers to move into the starting positions. Race officials will then check the cars if there are unusual fumes, sparks, or leaks before the race is a go. Never turn on the air conditioner because the race officials may mistake the condensation and the liquid dripping as leak and you may get disqualified for that. Better safe than sorry indeed!

If you don’t know how to drag race then you have to follow essential motor racing tips for your own safety and protection. With a supercharged engine, drag race cars run faster than the normal vehicles on the road. The higher the speed, the more difficult it is to manage while on the run. Perform a quick, short burnout before you rev up your engine. Keep your eyes on the road for any object that may puncture the tire or scratch the fuel tank. Since a drag race track is one way, making a U turn is a mortal sin that can even cost your life. Things go well once you get pass the finish line.

Congratulations you have completed your drag race!

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