It’s a secret known to all traders that no window shopping trip is just that. Unlike books, shops are often judged by their outer appearance. If the window is well set, one can lure even the toughest and most determined “window shoppers” into active shopping. Shop Displays housing the prettiest dresses, those amazing pair of shoes, elegant bags and jewellery that makes one’s jaw drop are what most shopkeepers bank on.

What’s on the inside matters : Inside your store, there is no substitute to glass display cabinets which allow the customers to see at a glance everything that you have on sale. Also, it saves you the trouble of fishing out pieces when people ask just to look at it. Customers appreciate having their choices all laid out in front of them and this is where you stand to gain a lot. More often than not, they end up purchasing extras that they see in your display cases and fall in instant love with.

Make them listen or watch: For companies, outdoor signage is a foolproof and less costly way of advertising their product. Here’s why. If one was to follow conventional advertising, they would use radio, televisions and the internet. This has a down side. Only those people who are TV buffs or listen to the radio on a regular basis or surf the web will know about the advertisement. Present day calls for more proactive advertisement strategies. Outdoor signs are the order of the day. They make for an excellent way to reach out to the masses who are constantly on the move.

Pavement signs have been around as tools of advertising for the longest time but now, they’re gaining importance as more people get out of their homes- something they can’t avoid given the busy times we live in.

If strategically placed, these signs can find a brand new product a lot of audiences from all walks of life. These signs are often accompanied by a sampling stall where the new merchandise can be seen and tried by people. This is one of the favourite advertisement gimmicks manufacturers employ and it works wonders most of the times. Even if it doesn’t, the companies get to know where they went wrong, so they can work for betterment in those areas.

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