Today is Tech Tuesday.

#TechTuesday is an actual event on Twitter.

Sadly and strangely, the hashtag isn't trending today.
What is trending? Oh, the usual: #TuesdayThoughts and #TuesdayMotivation.

Doesn't anyone care about technology anymore?

I coach marketers how to succeed online and how to save time using social media.

What better way than with technology?

It gets better: These technology tips offer you free tools you can use on social media.

There are so many free tools and methods to help you succeed on Instagram and other social media sites.

For instance, if you want to watch people's stories but you want to do so anonymously, you can! There are many free tools and services that let you use an anonymous Instagram storyviewer.

Do you like to make Instagram Stories? I recommend using unusual fonts to woo the Instagram crowd. Did you know fonts have personality? They do!

There are many free tools and methods to help you make a crazy text generator. There is even a free keyboard you can put into your smartphone with different fonts than Instagram has.

If you want to legally, download videos from Pinterest, use a free Pinterest video downloader.

As a teacher, I find showing videos helps my students. Yearbook students are especially inspired by the aesthetics at Instagram and Pinterest.

Do you enjoy making videos? You can use Splice and Renderforest.

The Splice app has you inserting images from your photo library. Splice provides text with backgrounds and free music you can use without restrictions.

Here you will find instructions for using Renderforest:, another popular video maker.

To put cool images on social media, you might want to have a graphic design tool. PosterMyWall is free and versatile. Here you will find more details and a tutorial: Poster on My Wall.

Finally, why not use free tools to take advantage of the popularity of memes?

Do you remember the Bernie Sanders meme that went viral? He turned it into a sweatshirt he sold to raise money for charity.

Here you will find details and tutorials of free tools to help you make memes: best I can do meme.

Wrapping Up

Thank you for indulging me as I celebrated #TechTuesday with you.

Use these free tools to save time and impress on Instagram and other social media sites.

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