North And It's Habit Of Make Us Feel Nostalgic

North is one among the most underrated Sri Lanka Tour destinations Before 2009 s. The 30 years old civil war completely isolated this wonderful and cultural place from the tourism world. But now it is completely recovered from from the war wounds. And it is one of the famous tourism destination in Sri Lanka. Jaffna is the major city in North, highly populated by Tamil communities. The climate in here is mostly humid. But we can still see tall Palmyrah trees around the city. Palmyrah is an iconic plantation in Jaffna. This part of the country is suitable for every type of tourists, from adventure lovers to beach lovers.

The cultural and the traditional value of Jaffna is very high, it has a rich cultural history. The ancient ruins in there are some example for it. Places like Jaffna fort, Nallur Temple, Sangilean Thoopu, Naga Pooshani Ambal Kovil, Nagadipa Purana Vihara, Kandarodei / Kadurugoda Temple, Dambakola Patuna are some example for it. Nallur Chariot festival is a famous festival among the hindu people of North, not only north the entire Island. People comes in numbers to witness this wonderful event. The Jaffna Library has a historical background. Once it was one of the biggest library in Asia. Also contained a seaful of knowledgeable books and prints. When it was burnt down in 1981 almost lost half its assets. It was rebuilt again, though contains less than it contained before 1981.

This is not only a place for culture, also a place for have fun filled activities. Nowadays this town is well developed, there are lots of shopping malls, cinema halls and restaurants to spend time. Also the famous Casuarina and charty beaches are located here. We can spend some quality time in the waters of the beach, this will really cool down and hydrates you from the hot weather there. The food in north is phenomenal. The food is mostly flour based, and add fried potatoes and banana in
their food.

Live The Colonial Era Again In Galle

From straight opposite to north, there is another pole, that is still carrying the colonial structures and flavors, that is non other than Galle, a coastal city located in the south coast of Sri Lanka. It is an amazing place to be. There are lots of Interesting places to visit in Sri Lanka South Coast. The entire city is still holding the structures of the foreign rulers. This place gives a colonial life style experience, from buildings to food, everything has the touch of Colonial Era. This is one among the famous Sri Lanka Tour destinations, that owning an UNESCO heritage site. that is Galle fort. This hundred years old fort still looks amazing and strong. Also the famous light house in this coastal city gives an amazing view of the town and the beach.

There are lots Interesting places to visit in Sri Lanka but this part of the city has a total different texture than the other. Water sports and night life is famous here. People do party every day, also this is the place to witness the colonial style churches and cathedrals. The maritime museum is an amazing asset, that educates us more about the mariners and the city. Galle international cricket stadium is a wonderful place to enjoy a cricket match, the open air ground gives views for every one, even the pedestrians. But we cannot expect matches every day, only on particular seasons. The ground has a good view from the Galle fort, Every trip should end with a relaxed and happy mind. Colombo is the perfect place to successfully end a trip. Because Colombo has everything that satisfy a person in the term of relaxation. This busy city is located in the western part of the country. And this is the place for shopping.

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Jerome Julian is writing on Sri Lanka holidays & recommends for tours in Sri Lanka, based on his travel experiences to Sri Lanka and he loves Sri Lanka for its natural beauty.