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Liverpool FC has been one of the most iconic football teams in the Premier League, dominating in the field for a really long time. They have won numerous League titles and other awards, making their mark as one of the best English teams. Of course, despite the fact that Liverpool became popular because of their remarkable game performance, they are also well-known when it comes to football fashion.

The Unusual Partnering of Football and Fashion

Since football is well known to be a rigorous sport, it is highly unlikely for them to partner up with the fashion industry. Surprisingly, this is exactly what happened throughout the years, and fans around the world prefer using football shirts to complement their attires. Of course, the main purpose of this fashion choice is to support their respective home teams, which is exactly what happened to Liverpool FC’s fans.

The Most Iconic Looks for Liverpool FC Football Players

Thanks to the team’s simple yet sophisticated jersey designs, both the players and their fans got to enjoy and take advantage of their kits. Aside from that, Liverpool has a lot of peculiar fashion choices that highlighted their look over the years, eventually influencing the attire of other players as well.

White Boots Touched with White Tapes

After being around for a long time, the classic look of black shoes eventually took their toll when the 21st century kicked in. This downfall gave way to the uprise of flashy white shoes being the primary choice of celebrity footballers. In line with the modern look of these boots, some players prefer adding a strip of white tape around their ankles. It certainly adds a minor improvement to their looks, and some players claim that they could perform better because of this.

Large Shin Pads and Tie-Ups

As mentioned before, football is a rigorous sport, and players are required to wear protective gear to avoid injuries. Today, modern technology has found a way to minimize the size and shapes of protective equipment, while maintaining their overall efficiency. However, this was not the case back then.

One of Liverpool’s most iconic looks is the use of comically large shin pads and tie-ups (garters or pieces of cloth tied around socks). Since these things are way larger back then, the players always looked like they have tubes sticking out of their knees. To make sure that these things won’t ruin their playing style, sock-ties are used to draw a bit of attention away from them. Funnily enough, it actually worked for Liverpool, especially because of their minimal jersey designs.

Track Suits

By the time the 21st century kicked in, football players, fans, and enthusiasts suddenly had an unusual longing for track suits. This fashion choice has been prevalent for a long time, and to this day, many of them are still sought after.

Track suits are often used back then as go-to outfits by professional football players, mainly because they do not have the time to choose and promote their independent look. Thankfully though, the attire has proven to be stylish and efficient at the same time, making them an ideal addition in every football player’s closet.

Noticeable Boot Tongues

Football cleats or boots had a lot of amazing designs over the years, but the one that stuck around the most were the iconic boot tongues. Back in the day, boots were designed in a way that emphasized their frontal areas (or tongues). Although this may seem weird for some people, they are certainly stylish and loved by many. This is also why the Liverpool team utilized shoes like these back then.

Caps or Hats

Almost everyone can wear caps, but no one can pull them off better than athletes. These apparel have always been around ever since, but for some reason, they are becoming widely popular these days. Most football teams acquire independent designs for caps along with their track suits, and Liverpool FC does look sharp with theirs.

Buzz Cuts or Shaved Heads

During the early 2000s, buzz cuts or shaved heads became popular among football players. This trend spread like wildfire ever since David Beckham started doing it. After showing his shaved head during the charity match with Chelsea, other football players decided to get rid of their long hair as well. Liverpool FC’s athletes managed to pull off this look, riding along with the trend until it officially died down in 2008.

Over the course of their career, Liverpool FC has encountered a lot of fashion trends that worked well for their overall style. Aside from that, they also managed to influence other teams to promote simple designs when it comes to their kits.

If you are a fan or an enthusiast, you know that Liverpool’s fashion style strictly reflects their expertise on the field. This is one of the major factors that contributed to their success as notable players in the Premier League.

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