Following trends and their yearly cycles while stock trading will make becoming a trader simpler for beginners -- not necessarily safer, but easier. Its also proven to give you higher gains and profits if you study the trends for a while. The problem is that for beginners, you would not know what the stock trading trends or commodity trading trends are without doing some homework. The homework would be to study the stock trading for a period of time so you can spot the trends and their yearly cycles when they happen.

Trends are really simple and the reason for this is you’re moving with a known market. Working against the trends might occasionally work, but not very often, especially for beginners in stock trade.

The trader is able to identify the trends, while going with the trends and their yearly cycles. They can follow this method when stock trading and do so following the ups and downs of each trend. Once the trend changes direction, the trader could close. It is a safer method for various trade examples and safer for your money too. Most people do earn better benefits by following the trends when trading in any stocks or the Forex market.

You’ll have the potential to make a much bigger profit very fast, is the another advantage in trend trading with the stock trading business. This is what attracts a lot of people to the stock trading tables.

One of the best example of trends is to trade on USD/GBP currency and wait until it moves up to 100 pips. If you are lucky enough to do this consistently you could hit it big in as short a time as one month. This would not occur frequently and until you’re familiar with trend market stock trading it could take a lot longer.

If you are willing to determine the trends and their yearly cycles, then it's all about your trend analysis capability. You’ve to determine the trend to profit from it.

There is a tool called as the moving average or MA that indicates a good trend-follow. You can follow the moving average for a 12 month period and use the time frame charts for 4 hour strategies, as well as 15 and even 5 minutes moving averages.

You’ve to be very careful, patient and even reliable in such kind of trend watching. Studying and practicing for awhile before jumping in to stock trading you’ll better determine trends and their annual cycles.

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