Ways of sending wedding invitations

Wedding Trends with time

Weddings are not only a function in India, we follow it like a Culture.This is not about only two individuals but an attachment of two families. Seven swears that the bride and groom takes for their togetherness. It all happens in a day and the daughter of one family becomes the daughter of another. Many things alter their route but this culture is on the same path though the ways of sending wedding invitations made a drastic change with time.

When there weren't any resources, people used to go by themselves and invite their relatives which takes a lot of time also and they need to start giving invitations 2 or 3 month before the wedding.

As the technology revolution put his hand into all fields, this can’t let wedding ceremonies be like this.Then telephone and Mobile phone came which makes connecting people so easy that one can invite one in any function by calling one day prior.

Here the catch comes, wedding is the ceremony that one can’t invite one's relatives one day prior or by simply a call.

Classy wedding invites

People used to meet their close one and invite them. But in today's fast running world it isn’t as easy to reach all. Then again the technology gets oneself into this. People are sending wedding invites in the form of photos and videos through any mobile friendly platform. East to send to and looks classy too.

Creativity Needed

Creating a wedding invite looks easy to make but all hard work is done by the photo and video editors, it takes days to complete one. Clients have specific requirements and the editor does the same accordingly by putting all his creativity.Each wedding has its own speciality. Not only for weddings ceremonies , people are using invites for all functions like Mata ki choki, baby shower, Save the wedding date images and many more.

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