There is some significant risk in cloud computing, know what are they, and how salesforce can be the best choice to mitigate the issues.

There is no denying that cloud computing is the future. Reason being its scalability. When companies move to cloud computing, they don’t worry about data loss, since they are no longer stored in external hard drive. They are stored in a place where data can be accessed 24/ 7. This provides so many benefits; but also it comes with some significant risks.

1. Unauthorized access can be done

Now, this has been a significant concern for most of the enterprises. Small business finds it challenging to trust a third-party vendor and the matter is very genuine. Imagine giving the most valuable asset to an unknown person and telling them to keep it safe, feeling my point?

A company in United States that provides salesforce training have said that Small business owners have limited set of resources and clients, if their confidential data is hampered, then they will face a close down and there is no stopping to it.

This is the reason small business spend a very high amount on cloud services. They team up with cloud partners that handle data of big companies, thinking if their data can be kept safe and theirs can be too.

2. Vendor trust

Top institutions that provide salesforce training have commented on cyber security. According to them if the third-party vendor, is not genuine, then your company can be finished internally, rather than being finished from the cyber criminals outside.

Before trusting the cloud service with your data ran a thorough background check. See how many companies, your cloud service has worked with. What have been their testimonials about the cloud service? If your cloud service doesn’t have any integrity, then your most confidential data can be compromised.

3. Legal risks

Specific data regulations are formed to protect a particular set of data. For instance, HIPAA is responsible for preserving the patient’s data. PCI, DSS are the ones that protect the card holder’s data. So, don’t accept a cloud service that does have government regulation.

Meaning they should present you with a legal contract stating that your data will be protected at all cost. Unless there is any legal regulation involved, you can’t blame the cloud provider for comprising your data.

4. Risk of control

If you are in control of the server, then you are the in control of the features. When you trust a third-party vendor for your data, then the vendor is in control and not you. The price that is affordable today can increase tomorrow. If you don’t pay for services, then that data can be held by the vendor, unless you pay up.

Now you have to increase the pricing for the customers so that you can pay for the services. Customers might be resistant to support this increase in price. So, in conclusion, your business can suffer a significant loss so always keep updated to date with the vendor you are dealing with.

5.The risk involved in internet

Cloud is based on the internet. If the internet service is down, then the entire cloud data can be compromised. Change in weather, DDoS attack, a system failure can know down the cloud services almost instantly.

So, what if a day comes when the internet is down for five days, can your client survive without five days of business., the answer is a resounding no. So, choose a cloud service their own set of internet protocols. Choose a service where internet service is never down.

How salesforce helps this

salesforce professionals have proper salesforce training. So that means they know how important is the cloud data. All these professionals come with a salesforce certification, so they provide the maximum security to their customers using the salesforce integration tools. You can trust salesforce as your third-party vendor since the internet is never down and they hardly face a cyber crime attack

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