Choosing the colours that gel with your personality for your home walls is a great idea to make home walls part of your identity. To make the most of this exercise it is best to introduce yourself to the vivid world of colours that can be splashed onto the walls and give an elegant look to your abode without making it look too flashy or over the top. One may argue that trends come and go and one cannot afford to change the wall colours every other month. There are some colours which never go out of trend, below listed are a few of them.

White: White is neutral and conveys peace and substance. This is by far the most widely used wall paint choice, be it ceilings or doors or the bathroom tiles this colour is hot favorite of many. To infuse this trend colour in your home is very easy, from window panes to wooden furniture white can create the desired effect. Also white goes in sync with almost every colour so you can combine it with any shade you like. Also white helps in enhancing the lighting effects, make a room look spacious and gives a rich look. This colour can never go out of trend so if you want to stay updated with the changing times and include it in your home as well, go for white as it will never go out of style.

Earthy shades: Earthy shades are all about red, yellow and brown. The prime reason of our existence is earth and therefore its shades can never be categorized as outdated. Every other season these colours make a comeback so when you are choosing a fiery red or a burnt yellow for painting purpose you know the colours are here to stay for a long time. As most of the earthy colours are dark you can restrict their application to certain places to avoid the room look undersized. Using these colours for accessorizing the room will also help in adding the distinctive dimension.

Monochromatic colour schemes: Making use of different tints and shades of the same colour is brilliant way to enhance the look of your home walls. Monochromatic painting style has been in the trend since ages and doesn’t seem to fade away. Green, purple, red, grey and any hue you wish can be fitted into the trend colours category when it comes to monochromatic painting. You can paint your living rooms, bathrooms or even guest rooms using this painting style. They convey a soothing effect and a balance of everything just like life.

With the ideas listed above on the selection and application of hues you must have got an idea of how to go about your trend colours choice. The key lies in practical and smart analysis of colours so that your home walls turn out to be the way you wanted them to appear.

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