Nowadays skin and hair problems are common due to the increasing pollution and unhealthy lifestyle. Men and women both face skin and hair problems and allopathic system of medicine usually does not have the right treatment for them. If you are looking for the best skin specialist in Nagpur then the best thing to do is look for an Ayurvedic hospital. Such hospitals provide treatment for various health problems including those concerning the hair and skin. Usually the Ayurvedic skin specialist in Nagpur or elsewhere will also provide remedies for your hair problems.

The face is one of the areas which gets most affected due to the environment and most skin problems like acne, dark spots and blemishes start on the face. Ayurvedic skin treatment is based on the type of body you have based on the three doshas – vata, pitta and kapha. Even your hair treatment will be based on these factors. Let us look at these three doshas and how they determine the skin type, as mentioned Ayurvedic hair treatment is also based on these three doshas.

Vata Type

  • Vata skin – this kind of skin tends to be dry and rough, with a thin outer layer. This can result in premature aging and wrinkles. The impact of harsh elements of the environment, unsuitable food, lack of oil and water and excessive mental or physical activity can cause this kind of skin to age faster. Ayurveda treats such skin with the help of herbal medicines to be taken orally and applied topically. This cures the skin from inside out while taking a holistic perspective.
  • Vata hair – Dry, Frizzy, thin, split-ends, hair loss and thinning are all signs of a vata body type. However, such hair grows fast and it is usually harder to style this hair and you may need a gel or some other help in order to set this hair in a proper style. Massaging various ayurvedic oils and applying some hair packs to such hair will help correct whatever problem you are facing with it.
  • Pitta Type

  • Pitta skin – It can be fair, reddish or freckled, it is usually affected by heat faster, it is sensitive and oily and prone to acne and inflammation. Toxins can also aggravate problems in this kind of skin along with incompatible food which is oily, sour acidic and spicy. The Ayurveda skin treatment system detoxifies the whole body in order to correct the skin problem while topical applications may also be prescribed.
  • Pitta hair – when pitta is out of balance the hair it can lead to premature thinning and loss of color. Pitta imbalance also has inflammation associated with it which can damage the structure and color of the hair. Again several topical and oral herbal treatments are prescribed for this type of hair.

    Kapha Type

  • Kapha skin – this type of skin is smoothing thin and moist and ages well however, when kapha is out of balance it is prone to pores, black and white heads and acne. The food incompatible to this type of skin is sweet, salty, oily food and dairy products. A sedentary lifestyle is harmful for this type of skin. Ayurvedic treatments aim at increasing circulation of blood and detoxifying the body.
  • Kapha hair – the kapha dosha is responsible for the strength structure and lubrication of the hair. Any imbalance in it becomes too oily, too thick and appears heavy. The Ayurvedic hair treatment for this type of hair is to detoxify the body with herbal and mineral medicines and topical application of some decoctions or hair packs.
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Dr. Nitesh Khonde is an expert in Traditional & Modern Ayurveda and panchkarma therapy. he is an expert in pain relief therapies for paralysis,slip disc, knee pain, arthritis, back pain, cancer, skin diseases, dental problems, gynecological health disorders, and many more to place the mind, body, and soul in perfect synchronization with nature.