Prostatitis is a common disease. Patients with prostatitis often have the symptoms of frequent urination, dysuria, and so on, which will have a significant impact on men's lives.

Treatment of prostatitis

1. Antibiotic therapy: This is a standard method for bacterial prostatitis. There are four main types of drugs commonly used in the treatment: β - lactam, represented by penicillin. Quinolones, such as levofloxacin, ofloxacin, or fleroxacin, are representative. Tetracyclines, such as minocycline and doxycycline, are usually used. Another is sulfonamides. However, sulfonamides are rarely used in the clinic because some patients are prone to allergic reactions after taking this drug, such as hematuria, kidney injury, or ureteral injury.

2. Chinese medicine therapy: nearly 60% - 70% of the people are nonbacterial prostatitis. Because antibiotics can not pass through the prostatic epithelium's lipid membrane and enter the prostatic acinus to achieve a therapeutic effect, the therapeutic effect is not ideal. So Chinese Traditional medicine has more advantages, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. As long as the prostate is dredged and the glands are discharged, the patients can improve the local symptoms significantly.

3. Self-therapy: patients can drink more water, and generally 1500ml-2000ml / day, and urine more to effectively flush the urethra, reduce the stimulation of local inflammation.

Patients can also do local hot compress, like hot compress of the perineum or hot water hip bath. It can improve the local microcirculation and the local excretion of blood products. But for those who have not given birth or are preparing to give birth, it is generally not recommended to do a hot compress or hot water sitz bath because it has a specific impact on the spermatogenic function of the testis.

4. Physical therapy: In an emergency, some patients with severe symptoms will use physical treatment when they come to the hospital, including prostate massage, local hyperthermia, radiofrequency, and microwave.

Daily maintenance of prostatitis

Method 1: keep regular work and rest

Nowadays, many young men like to sit in front of the computer for a long time. As time goes by, it becomes a habit. The long-term sedentary position will lead to long-term prostate congestion, and blood circulation will appear obstacles, leading to inflammation.

Method 2: Reasonable diet

Many young people like to eat spicy and irritating food, such as pepper, pepper, and so on, and these foods are easy to stimulate blood vessels, causing congestion, which can easily lead to the attack of prostatitis. Therefore, in daily life, it's better not to eat some more stimulating food. It's good for your health to eat more light and high vitamin food.

Method 3: Quit smoking

Many men have the habit of smoking, and cigarettes contain nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide, and other substances. These substances can directly enter the prostate to damage its tissues and damage the nerve function of blood vessels, affecting the blood circulation of the prostate, leading to prostate blood filling and inflammation. So to quit smoking, smoking cessation can prevent prostatitis and has great benefits to the body.

Method 4: Abstain from alcohol

Wine can play a role in vasodilation, so occasionally, a small amount of alcohol drinking is also beneficial to the body. But nowadays, many young people have the habit of drinking alcohol, so it aggravates the congestion of the prostate, which leads to prostatitis, and the serious one can cause prostate poisoning. Therefore, abstinence can also prevent prostatitis.

Method 5: Enhance immunity

Improving resistance can reduce the occurrence of many diseases, and enhancing immunity in life is exercise. Nowadays, many men lack activity in ordinary times, which can be said to be immovable. Therefore, getting up more exercise can make the body blood circulation and improve immunity, to achieve the goal of preventing diseases.

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