Dream therapy will teach you many truths you ignore. You’ll learn how to stop being impatient, afraid, and stressed all the time. The anxiety cure based on dream therapy gives you back the life you lost many years ago.

The fact that you’ll analyze your dreams will help you understand that there is no meaning on running so much and trying to do everything at the same time. You’ll stop worrying all the time because you are constantly facing dangerous situations. You’ll stop being a victim of other people’s wickedness. The unconscious mind will help you change your life.

The unconscious psychotherapy is based on:

* Developing your intelligence,

* Eliminating all the negative characteristics you have inherited, and

* Eliminating the negative effect of past traumatic experiences.

The unconscious treatment is based on a very detailed analysis of your entire life, your behavior, and your present situation. You’ll eliminate false impressions, wrong ideas, stupid conclusions, and everything that is blocking your intelligence, without letting you evolve.

You’ll discover that the reason why you are so anxious is not merely a consequence of the way you live, but the result of your erroneous mindset and behavior. The unconscious mind will teach you how to become a wise human being.

When you are a balanced human being, you are always calm. Instead of losing control and being dominated by total despair when you face horrible situations, you calmly examine all the alternatives you have at your disposal, and you solve all your problems, one by one. You are not dominated by panic.

You’ll be surprised for discovering the unconscious wisdom. This is a wonderful discovery. This knowledge cannot be compared to anything else. You have a direct communication with God!

All the citations about dreams and interpretations found in the Bible were showing us how important dreams are. Many other religions besides the Catholic showed us the importance of dreams the same way.

Native Americans trusted the meaning of their dreams and respected their guidance with gratitude. However, our violent, materialistic, and atheistic civilization is very far from being able to evaluate the real value of the dream messages.

You should surpass the superficial mindset of your historical time. The truth is complex. You should always show respect to the precious meaning of your dreams.

I’m going to translate a dream for you in order to give you an example.

The dreamer is a very anxious young woman who has a relationship with a rude man. She insists on having a relationship with him because she loves him, but he keeps humiliating her.

She dreamt that she was in a forest. However, she noticed that she didn’t wear shoes. She was afraid of a lion that was coming towards her. She tried to run, but she couldn’t run because she was barefoot and her feet were bleeding.

Dream translation:

The forest indicates a dangerous situation.

The feet in dreams represent the beliefs of the dreamer, in other words, her moral principals. Shoes in dreams protect the dreamer’s moral principals.

Since the dreamer was not wearing shoes in the forest, she was unprotected while facing a very dangerous situation.

The lion represents a very strong, or a very selfish person. In this case the lion has a negative meaning; he is the selfish man she loves. Since the lion is attacking her, this means that the man she loves is in fact killing her with his actions.

In the end her feet are bleeding because she is not able to protect her moral principals. She is not wearing shoes. This means that she completely forgot her beliefs, her personality, and her normal behavior.

This dream clearly shows to the dreamer that she cannot understand how dangerous her situation is. At the same time, it shows her that she is a victim of this man’s attitude because she abandoned her moral principals. She is accepting many things that are against her beliefs.

The unconscious mind explains to the dreamer that her anxiety begins with her acceptance of what is against her moral principals. She is suffering because she abandoned her philosophy of life. She got involved with a man who is totally different from the man who is the ideal one for her. She would never be able to live happily with him.

As you can see from this example, the unconscious mind discovers the dreamer’s mistakes. Her problem wasn’t the fact that she fell in love with a man who didn’t love her.

Her anxiety had a different origin; she abandoned her moral principals. This is why she fell in love with a man who was not the ideal one for her. Her psychological problem begins with the fact that she lost a big portion of her human conscience because she accepted the absurd suggestions of her anti-conscience. Her moral principals were protecting her from craziness; without them, she could only fall into her anti-conscience’s trap.

Now, the unconscious mind will analyze the dreamer’s life story in details, and show her why and when she decided to abandon her moral principals. In the end, the dreamer will discover that she is not really in love with this man who treats her horribly. She believes that she is in love with him because she is controlled by her absurd anti-conscience.

This dreamer has a masochist behavior because she lost her conscience. She lost her normal personality. Otherwise, she wouldn’t feel attracted by a man who humiliates her.

From this example you can understand that the unconscious mind detects the origin of all psychological problems. The unconscious psychotherapy eliminates all absurd reactions. The dreamer understands why he/she has a negative attitude, and how to correct her behavior.

All psychological problems are originated by your wild anti-conscience. Once you eliminate your anti-conscience through dream therapy, you’ll behave like a wise human being. The unconscious mind will cure your psyche, purify your spirit, and help you solve your daily problems.

You’ll stop being anxious because you won’t have any reason to worry about anything. The unconscious mind will give you information about everyone around you, besides showing you everything about your psychological content.

You’ll be able to predict the future, change the development of your reality, and a lot more. The unconscious treatment is more than just psychotherapy. The unconscious mind will transform your life into a wonderful journey.

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Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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