Do your feet hurt? Or do you just need a moment to relax, let loose and forget about the stress of your day? The Health Connection Reflexology Foot Massager is exactly what you are looking for! Health Connections' foot massager with optional infrared heat is a truly revolutionary product in the foot massager market. Our customer’s say no other foot massager can help you relax as well as ours has proven to! Other foot massagers claim to reduce stress and help you relax. Our foot massager is guaranteed to actually work! Put your feet up and hit "mode" and all your daily worries are set at ease!

Health Connections' Foot Massager is ideal for all walks of life that just need to relax and completely de stress!

How it works - Our foot massager stimulates certain nerves and pressure points in the feet, reflexologists call "energy pools", that have been known to cause and contribute to illness and energy depletion. It does this through it's five different settings, manual/optional infrared heat and the tapping/vibration mode of massage. Other machines can be water-filled and a problem to set-up. Our magnificent machine is a completely water-free system! No longer will you have to deal with the fuss and mess of a water filled foot massager! Just plug in our foot massager, sit back and relax! You will notice a definite improvement after your first use. Our machine has been developed to help you reduce daily stress and improve overall circulation in you feet and legs, especially helping with swollen ankles. You will feel revitalized and relaxed! Release your stress with our foot massager! With five different massage settings, optional infrared heat, tapping/ vibration modes, a fifteen minute automatic shut off and all the afore-mentioned benefits of our foot massager, you will find it is an investment in your health and well being!

Our foot massager has received glowing testimonials from thousands of customers and has been thoroughly recommended by many reflexologists. We feel our machine is the best foot massager on the personal care scene. Don't settle for an inferior massager, but one that is proven and tested! Our foot massager comes with a two year warranty, no questions asked! Treat yourself and your feet to what you deserve! Invest in your health and well being today!

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Health Connection – this foot massager will stimulate the nerves in your feet and lower legs. We also offer back massager, magnetic jewellery, acupuncture device, acupuncture & much more for horses in the UK.