Anxiety and depression is a mental state in which a person is totally subdued. Many uneasy physical pains also arise due to this such as breathlessness, restlessness, eating disorders, narcolepsy or even sometimes people are sleep deprived. First let us properly understand anxiety.

What is anxiety?

It is a mental state caused due to long term stress that eventually causes a barrier in the positive energy flow. Many times it causes limitless worry, fear and nervousness. It is very clearly detectable when sleep orders arise. It also increases dangers of diseases like diabetes, hypertension, high blood pressure and heart diseases. The clear symptoms of anxiety and depression are irritability, frustration, anger, increased pulse rate, heartbeats, palpitation, lack of concentration, eating disorder and extreme sleep difficulties.

Many people treat their anxiety problems with heavy medicines that are generally not good for health and their overdose might cause serious health issues even leading to death. Yoga is one such therapy that effectively helps curb anxiety and depression from one's life. Considerable evidence exists regarding yoga dealing with such problems as effectively as natural cures and medicines. Researches have proved that yoga can improve sleep, mental quality of life, lowers heart rate, has serious impact on nervous system and also slows the breathing down to relax your body.

If you do not get much time, you can do Yoga and meditation for even 5 to 10 minutes every day. Even this helps relaxing the body and mind. This will help you to achieve a balanced state in life and focus on your priorities eventually.

Cure with these easy yogasanas at home

Yoga breathing

Breathing in and out with continuous succession sitting in Padmasana, helps in controlling temper and calms up the mind. It is also the first step of anxiety and depression treatment.

Deep breathing by folding hands

Breathing in and out with hands folded at the front helps, in the circulation of oxygen and blood in the body. It also helps in improving the metabolism of the body, focuses the mind and provides relief.

Back bending

Back Bending is one of the most flexible and relieving yoga exercises. It helps reduce pain from the back muscles, reduces tension and tiredness and other psychosomatic disorders.


The term Matsyasana is a Sanskrit term meaning the fish pose. This pose stretches the navel, front of the neck, throats and major muscles between the ribs. Matsyasana is known as the destroyer of all diseases. It keeps the mind calm and also uplifts our spirit.

Suryaved Pranayama

One of the most famous yogasanas, this asana is done by sitting in the padmasana position and breathing in and out with the thumb and little finger interchanging positions by the side of each nose while breathing. It is the key to the discipline of mind. It is most effective in providing relief from anxiety disorders.


The easiest of all, practicing this regularly will help alleviate diseases and relief from tension.


This is also called the restorative or corpse pose, sabasana is a relaxed posture done after every asana that activates blood to nourish the specific organ exercised.

These are some very specific and easy asanas to help fight anxiety and depression and bring relief to body and mind.

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