After cancer the first time you realize there is no Pain in your body

Watching your six year old granddaughter dancing at her first Irish step dance recital

Watching your musician son get three standing ovations at one performance

A hot fudge sundae on a warm sunny day

Watching your nephew graduate summa cum laude from High school

A cool air conditioned room on a 96 degree day

A delicious home cooked meal after eating Airplane food

Having your grandchildren run to greet you when you pull into their driveway

Warm soup on a cold rainy day

Sleeping in your own bed after having been away on a trip

Having your kids’ answer your phone calls when they are adults and no longer have to answer when you call

Sleeping in your own bed after having been in the hospital

The first peony in your garden after a long winter

Holding your first grandchild …. And your second… and your third… and fourth… and your fifth …and your sixth…and your seventh…

Having the maitre D remember your name

Learning that red wine is actually good for you

(c) Susie Palmieri June 21st 2011

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Susan graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.S. in Communications from the University of Bridgeport After graduating she remained at the University as Director of Graduate Admissions. She then opened her own business and ran it for several years un til she closed the doors to focus on her private practice in the healing arts . In addition to being a hypnotherapist , and licensed esthetician she is trained in many different modalities of energy work. Susan has conducted several inspirational and motivational workshops which included goal setting techniques and the Art of Creating Your Life. Susan Ada Roetter and Carlo John Palmieri married 17 years ago. Between them they have 5 grown children and 14 grandchildren ranging in age from six months to twenty years old. They hope to dance at each and every one of their weddings. They reside in Fairfield Connecticut at Shangri La and welcome hearing about your treasured moments at