The treasures of Ashland, Oregon include the beauty of Goddess Gaia, the creativity of the many theatre companies and the numerous recreational activities. My friend Chris and I recently drove 8 hours from Seattle, WA on I5 to the southern Oregon town for our friend Jayne and Ian's wedding.

This was my second trip to this 130 year old small town where the Cascade Mountains meet the Siskiyou Mountains. The treasures of Ashland, Oregon include the Rogue River which flows 215 miles from Crater Lake to the Pacific Ocean, Emigrant Lake, Lithia Park and Mt. Ashland. It is close to the southern Oregon coast and considered the southern gateway to the Pacific Northwest. Mother Nature feeds the soul with her magnificent images in this part of the country.

One of the treasures of Ashland, Oregon is the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. There are many other theatre groups with musical performances, comedy and experimental theatre. Music abounds in Ashland from Chamber music and opera to folk singing and bluegrass. The creative energy of Ashland was palpable.

Recreation in Ashland

"Crater Lake is a rare jewel born out of the furnace and fury of nature's sometimes destructive fires...In this place we are reminded that nature can heal the land."

-Senator Gordon Smith, R-Ore.

Recreation in Ashland is for all ages and interests. You can hike the many trails including the Historic Oregon Rogue River Trail and Crater Lake which is a 'rare jewel.'

Lithia Park is called the "jewel of Ashland" due to it's beautiful landscape design by John McLaren. Enjoy recreation in Ashland including walking, hiking and picnicing with friends and family in the park. Relax near the duck pond and then have a drink of healthful lithia spring water that is pumped to the park. Lithia Park is listed on the National Register of Historical Places.

Shopping is another recreation in Ashland that I enjoyed on my trip. The Quiltz shop was inspiring with hundreds of colorful fabrics and notions for the quilter and creator in all of us. It was an artist's date that nurtured my creativity like Julia Cameron encourages in her book The Artist's Way.

Thank you Goddess Gaia for the opportunity to experience another one of your many treasures, Ashland, Oregon.

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Maureen Brennan Mercier has been a Metaphysician for over 27 years and has helped many people in all areas of their lives. While taking a meditation class in the summer of 1983, Maureen discovered her gift of channeling and began her spiritual journey.

Maureen's new found connection with her higher power helped her through the tragic death of her husband only weeks later.

Raising two children alone and overcoming other challenges throughout her life has given Maureen more strength, compassion and emotional intelligence. Her love of people and her great passion for life continually inspire her work.

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