2019, over 59,000 thousand people from the US visited Africa (over 30 million worldwide), but many don’t know how to navigate the expansive, yet confusing continent. Diversified Game’s Course, Prepare For My First Trip To Africa by podcast host and seasoned traveler Kellen “Kash” Coleman is a guide that takes the guesswork out of traveling to Africa for the first time. There is no other course on how to travel to Africa that touches on how to snag the best flight, handle your passport, visa, vaccine requirements, top lodging, meals, how to exchange money and transportation tricks. Save time and money and enjoy authentic African food and culture with quick hacks, tips, and secrets from the locals. Did you know $100 equals over 1,000 South African rand, and over 10,000 Kenyan Shillings? What makes Kellen the expert? He started this journey by traveling to over 18 countries two decades ago, gathering information on how to travel on a budget like a baller.

He says, “I noticed people were scared to go to Africa because of the unknown. I want to educate people on how Africa is an opportunity to seek, invest, and see how Geo-arbitrage in Africa will change their lives. This course is for the inquisitive and bold traveler -- so far a big target has been Africans in the Diaspora because travel is cheaper and many have traced their DNA back and want to connect to their roots, especially due to slavery separating families and history of violence in America towards Black people, but this was created for all travelers. The course will help travelers from buying the most expensive plane tickets, hotel rooms, and scams, while traveling, whether in Africa, Europe, or Asia.”




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Author's Bio: 

Kellen “Cache” Coleman is the founder of Coleman PR + Consulting Firm, a full-service firm with a focus on social media influencers on an international scale. With over a decade of experience as a PR professional, he has had the opportunity to serve clients in both the government and private sector. His niche is maximizing the judicious use of social media and influencers for both individuals, companies, and governments. He serves as an international business liaison for several media outlets and is the host and co-host of various podcasts focusing on entrepreneurship and worldwide travel.

His combined love for family and education led him to co-create Fomenky Publishing House, which focuses on increasing diversity in literary works specifically in children’s literature. He currently co-authors a children’s book series: “London and Sydney explore the world” with his wife Tina Coleman. The series focuses on documenting the adventures of his young daughters; London and Sydney on their globetrotting adventures as a family told from the perspective of their children.

When not zigzagging across the globe with his family, Kellen is an engaging public speaker who focuses on simplifying complex topics with his content- rich and engaging presentations. His passion for entrepreneurship and education with his innate talent in communication make him a highly sought-after speaker for national and international audiences. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Kellen was a writer for various music publications with a focus on the hip-hop genre.