All of us at one stage or another want to just get away from it all, break the cycle and go off to another part of the world to travel and perhaps take up a job and making the most of your spare time seeing the everything it has to offer.

There are few opportunities to take advantage of such an enticing offer, consider that if you are still in education your opportunities are after school finishes, after college or after university, three opportunities. There are even less if you hold down a full time job, consider that when you start a job if you had a period of unemployment you may have existing debts to pay, you may live in your own flat or apartment meaning you have a financial commitment to your landlord and where does all that stuff go when you want to move out?

Many people like the idea of coming to the United Kingdom for a working holiday, working holidays are pretty straightforward and for most people considering this option it is a relatively simple to go through the motions. The United Kingdom immigration portal can help you to work out if your eligible and meet the criteria to be able to work in the UK, you need to be under 30 but over 18, which when you think about it is likely to be the age group you are in between or directly after education.

So why would I go to Scotland?

Scotland has as much to offer as any of the Countries that make up the United Kingdom and perhaps even more. Scotland has plenty of work for people between 18 - 30 in both skilled and unskilled areas, depending upon if you might be looking to stay or not and if you are looking not to be tied down as much, getting out and experiencing the country might be your priority so a more flexible unskilled position might well suit you better than one which is more skilled and demanding upon your time.

Outside of the work what should I expect?

Scotland is its own country and a beautiful one at that, there is something for everyone. Scotland has many opportunities to stay fit while enjoying an urban lifestyle with flexible work in seasonal positions. Expect lots of opportunities to get out and about, this place is covered in hills, which gives you plenty of exercise climbing, walking, running, cycling and then of cause the cities of Scotland have much entertainment options for the day and the evening, including music, arts, festivals, cinema, night clubs, restaurants and nightclubs, there is something for everyone looking to come over to Scotland on a working holiday.

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