Traveling across the US has been an old dream of mine for quite some time. Just recently I had the opportunity to experience Divine Creating at it's best by fulfilling that almost forgotten dream.

On Sunday July 3 my daughter and I completed the four day trip across this beautiful country from Saugerties, New York to Seattle, Washington. How appropriate that our traveling across the US was during the 4th of July weekend!

New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and Washington were the states we drove through on our trip. We experienced the full range of weather from golden sunshine to golf ball size hail that pelted our Subaru while traveling across the US.

Mother Earth

Mother Earth expresses herself in many forms like the lush green rolling hills of Pennsylvania. In Ohio the blue waters of Lake Erie glisten as it bears the name of the Erie tribe of Native Americans who lived on her south shore.

In Indiana the beautiful emerald green landscape of Mother Earth continued as we entered Illinois. The traffic increased as we passed the Chicago corridor and into headed into Minnesota and more greenery to greet us.

South Dakota's Native American energy was very palpable in the stretches of prairie. I could feel the ancient wisdom embedded in Mother Earth. Native Americans lived at one with Goddess Gaia. We have so much to learn from our Native brothers and sisters.

Goddess Gaia

Wyoming stretched out before us for hundreds of miles and in the distance we could see the badlands. The colors of orange, green, black and blue defined the craggy dry texture of Goddess Gaia as she reveals herself in yet another form through erosion by wind and water.

Montana, derived from the Spanish name for mountain, contains many ranges of the Rocky Mountains including the Continental Divide. Goddess Gaia took my breath away at every turn from the snow capped tips of the Rockies, the brilliant blue rivers and the miles of prairie

The short stretch of Idaho that we traveled was arched by an azure blue sky. On each side of the road Goddess Gaia revealed to us more green fields framed by rugged gray mountains. It was a fabulous feast for the eyes as we were getting closer to our Seattle destination.

Sacred Feminine

The awesome beauty of Goddess Gaia on our 4 day journey from the east coast to the west coast of the US connected me to the Sacred Feminine. At the end of each day I was naturally tired from driving yet I felt alive on the inner levels of my being.

Mother Earth buoyed me up with the mother love of the Sacred Feminine so that at the end of our four day trip I still had energy to relax with my husband who greeted us with hugs and hot food.

With gratitude I embrace the Sacred Feminine within me that Goddess Gaia inspired in me throughout my journey across the US. My spirit feels renewed and alive after a very challenging time of healing in New York these past three years. Thank you Sacred Feminine Goddess Gaia for showing me the way to my new beginnings in Seattle once again.

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Respect Mother Earth

At One With Mother Earth, Goddess Gaia

For more than 27 years I have been helping many people from all walks of life and across the world including India, China and England.

Some clients prefer to come for an Intuitive Reading in person. However, the majority of my clients call me for phone sessions. Intuition is unlimited as God is unlimited so it doesn't matter whether you are in the same room with me or in Hong Kong! My intention is the same - to serve as a channel of clarity and healing to assist you in all areas of your life. Doing this work makes me happy. I am so blessed to be able to help people and do what I love.

Intuitive Readings in Saugerties NY and by Phone

When a client sets up an Intuitive Reading session with me I suggest that they write down their questions before the session. The specific questions help the client to focus their intention on what they want guidance for in their life.

At the beginning of the Intuitive Reading with each individual, I go into a meditative state and ask Spirit to allow me to be a clear and pure channel of love, healing and guidance for the client. The answer to each question flows through me in words and pictures. The information that I channel is spiritual yet practical.

I encourage all of my clients to:

Live your true potential
Feel your own wholeness
Experience inner peace and joy
Express your creativity
Be who you really are- perfectly human and perfectly divine

Maureen Brennan Mercier

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Maureen Brennan Mercier has been a Metaphysician for over 27 years and has helped many people in all areas of their lives. While taking a meditation class in the summer of 1983, Maureen discovered her gift of channeling and began her spiritual journey.

Maureen's new found connection with her higher power helped her through the tragic death of her husband only weeks later.

Raising two children alone and overcoming other challenges throughout her life has given Maureen more strength, compassion and emotional intelligence. Her love of people and her great passion for life continually inspire her work.

Meditation Classes

Maureen teaches meditation classes using simple guided imagery and channels spiritual guidance for the group, which is uplifting. Each person is able to ask a personal question at the end of the meditation and receive specific spiritual guidance for their life journey. The energy during the meditation is very loving, compassionate and nurturing which is healing in itself.

Intuitive Readings & Spiritual Guidance

Intuitive Readings are based on the client's questions about relationships, career issues, emotional issues, health issues, attitudes and beliefs, loved ones who have passed on and more. Maureen goes into a meditative state where she accesses specific guidance in answer to the questions being asked. The channeled information she receives during and intuitive reading is spiritual, yet very practical. After a reading with Maureen, individuals feel more relaxed, reassured and more positive about their lives.

Reiki Training & Reiki Healing

In September 1992 Maureen received her first degree Reiki training. After years of practicing Reiki healing in small groups, workshops, centers, and retreats throughout the United States, Maureen received her second degree Reiki and Reiki Master Degree in August 1999.


Maureen is extremely grateful for the gifts of healing she has received over the years and is committed to being a channel of LOVE, GUIDANCE and HEALING. Her life's work is about assisting individuals with their healing, spiritual growth and the remembrance of who they truly are - DIVINE.