Margarita Island is a real Caribbean paradise that delivers a lot of attractions and amenities and a lot of of the hotels in Venezuela. It's a well-known destination for international travelers together with local Venezuelans. The island is much less than 20 miles from the mainland, but over a hundred miles from Caracas. It lies in a rather isolated patch of the clear blue Caribbean Sea and can seem like an unlikely destination. But Margarita Island may be easy reaches and here are some of the ways you do this.

Step 1

Fly to Margarita Island's airport, Aeropuerto Internacional del Caribe Santiago Marino. It has direct service to and from numerous large European cites and also Toronto, Miami, New York and Montreal.

Step 2

In case you have booked your hotel in Venezuela in Caracas you may have at your disposal direct flights to Margarita Island. Flights from Caracas are affordable and heavily discounted during the week, since the island is a preferred weekend destination for city folk.

Step 3

In case you already stayed in Venezuela hotels you may take the ferry to Margarita Island. The principal ferry departure points for Margarita Island are Puerta la Cruz and Cumana, the two of which are a couple of hours east of Caracas on the northern coast of Venezuela. Buses make the trip between cities in 5 to eight hours as well as the ferry normally requires two to four hours, depending on whether you take the newer, fast boats or the older, slow ones. An express ferry from La Guiara, just outside of Caracas, makes the entire trip in five hours on the weekends.

Step 4

Sail to Margarita Island if you're not afraid of independent travel. Charter sailboats from the nearby islands of Grenada, Trinidad and Tobago can make the trip in a day or less, as well as the Islands are usually visited by sailboats that cruise the whole Caribbean. Numerous sailboats heading to the island from port cities like Miami or Panama City will take travelers along for a fee.

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