Have you ever thought of having a cross-country, long-distance road trip that would bring you from Perth to Melbourne, Sydney to Brisbane, and Darwin to Adelaide? Pack up your bags and load your car with petrol, as long distance driving can be a very bumpy ride. If it is your first time to take this adventure then it could be very daunting as much as it is exciting. Travelling across the state and across the country to a certain degree may take you hours, days, and even weeks to complete. You have to prepare and take note of important travel safety tips before you go on a road trip or expedition. Visit motoring search portal Odusee and find out which suitable cars that you need for your long distance trip.

The idea of having your adventure on the road can be a little bit similar to “Thelma & Louise,” “Dumb and Dumber,” or “The Motorcycle Diaries” because you can chart your own course as you see fit. Take your time to plan and organise your long trip because once you hit the road, there is no turning back to pick up anything you left behind. Follow tips for long distance driving when you’re considering to go cross-country. As you travel far from home, the need for supplies and constant maintenance also increase. Bring essential supplies, tools to fix things up, and something to remind you of home.

Before Hitting the Road

It is expected that you have prepared everything that you need for that long drive ahead. Driving long distance may take its toll on your vehicle so make sure that you have your tools on your trunk. Required maintenance and car conditioning are needed. When planning your trip, consider the different road condition that you will need to pass through. Remember, outback trails may be a little rugged for your car so make sure you have a four-wheel drive to withstand the extreme conditions.

Bring first aid kit, extra tires, and other survival equipment so that you will be prepared for any worse case scenarios that may happen along the road.

Safety Travel Tips

Highway traffic police would always check motorists if they observing speed limits and proper safety procedures like wearing seatbelts and putting seat restraints for young passengers. If you don’t have a GPS equipment, make sure you have the latest comprehensive street map of Australia. If you have been driving for hours, take time to rest and take a break. Stretch your legs, take a snack, and get off from the car and take a deep breath.

Observe travel safety tips from what read on the Internet or reference books. Make sure that your vehicle is clean by throwing away all the trash, place all rubbish on a plastic bag, and throw it at the next garbage can you stumble upon. If you have other capable drivers on board, schedule the time to take turns so that you won’t get tired and exhausted from all the long hours of driving. Never overwork your vehicle and constantly check the gauges for fuel consumption and engine temperature.

As stated above, practical long distance driving tips require drivers to know how to fix flat tires or handle overheated engine. If you don’t know how to fix your vehicle then it should be advisable to have a mechanic on speed dial should a car breakdown in the middle of the road trip occurs. Unfortunately, there are places that has intermittent mobile phone signals and worse, none at all. Keep in touch with people within the area so that you can ask for assistance in case of emergency. When you venture outside of the city limits, be prepared to watch out from wildlife and dangerous animals from taipans to spiders. Finally, you may want to join automobile clubs, road trip enthusiasts, and other organisations that will provide you roadside assistance in case you need help.

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