Traveling is always a wonderful way to relax and enjoy the life.
However, tourists can face a wide range of personal circumstances when they are on vacation. We want you to re-visit the basic ideas of how to conduct yourself so that your safety is better ensured:

1. Don’t travel alone.
Before you go on your trip, let your relatives or friends know about your route and itinerary. Provide them with the names of the hotels in which you are going to stay, and the contact information of your scheduled tour guides. Let your friends know your expected time of return, and keep them informed if your travel plans change.

2. When you meet your guide for the first time, make sure that it is the same person you have contacted previously. The name and the face should be exactly the same. If you have any doubt as to their identity, follow your instincts and do not utilize their services.

3. Use common sense in the places you are visiting, such as not leaving your belongings unattended or wearing very expensive jewelry. Don’t visit districts and territories that are known to be dangerous, and pay close attention to your route to keep your bearings. Do not join companies of natives or locals that are larger than your group, and remain vigilant in very crowded areas. Be very careful in going to remote areas that are far from civilization in extremely small groups, and always pay attention doubly during evening or overnight trips.

4. If you are going to take part in extreme activities such as diving, surfing, delta-planing or the like, you should remember that it can be dangerous if you overestimate your strength and abilities. Always stay well-hydrated with water or other non-alcoholic beverages, do not take unnecessary risks, and take breaks if you feel tired or unwell.

All of these tips will help you stay safe in any situation during your travels, and even in your everyday life.
Enjoy your vacations, take more exciting trips, and start here to make memorable adventures!

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