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Kenya: Discover interesting places

Do you feel like making a trip through the savanna, relaxing on a white sand beach or both at the same time? Kenya offers you the possibility of getting the vacation you dream of. After going through Nairobi dynamic capital both culturally and economically, where it is worth stopping for a while, go in search of the emblematic animals of Africa and go to meet the Masái people.

And yes, organizing a trip through Kenya without anticipating a safari is a bit like going to Disney and not seeing Mickey (obviously the first would be worse than the second!) The country abounds in national parks and other nature reserves, whose landscapes and Wildlife have inspired more than one. So much for the flocks that march from Kilimanjaro to Amboseli National Park, the flight of pink flamingos over Lake Nakuru, or for the respect that the "big five" inspires in the Masai Mara reserve, Kenya is the paradise of the safaris and will amaze the little ones and the adults!

However, if you get tired of seeing the yellow color of the sheet, you can go to the coast to see blue. Pass by Mombasa , port city and coastal station. There is no doubt that Mombasa will know how to conquer you thanks to the colonial architecture of its historic center and the electrifying atmosphere of its markets. You can also snorkel in the Indian Ocean.

From this place you can perhaps then take a walk under the coconut trees of Diani Beach . If your heart asks you, take a break in Funzi Island to have some cocktails in this little corner of paradise, before returning to your safari inside the Tsavo East National Park not far from there. Less known perhaps are the volcanic mountains of Chyulu that offer magnificent landscapes, however.

You have doubts? Do some places attract you more than others? Our expert travelers tell you their experiences in these must-see places, but also in places that are not included in the marked routes. You just have to choose what you feel like doing!
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