There are rare situations when you have to transport your Motor Home or RV, for example when you are moving out to a different location, if you’re selling it to someone or if you’re sending it to be repaired. A vital point to transporting your Motor Home safely and at the same time without spending too much money is to find the best method of doing so and choosing the best drivers for it. Also being prepared is a key point in moving your Motor Home or RV.

You have more than one choice when it comes to Motor Home or RV transportation. The cheapest and probably most used method is driving it. You can drive it yourself, ask some friend to drive for you, or hire a professional company to drive your Motor Home or RV to its destination on-time and without any damage. Hiring a professional motor home logistics company can be more expensive but it has the advantage that most companies come with an insurance policy which would cover any damages happening during the transportation.

If though your Motor Home or RV is un-operable you can arrange a car to tow it and transport it safely to its destination. The costs differ according to the time limit and the distance until the destination point. You could also hire a caravan to do the job.

Choosing a proper transportation company can be hard. You should ask around people who had their Motor Home or RV moved before, you can also ask the companies for quotes and reviews of their services. Don’t jump in and hire the first company which looks reliable. You should have more than one choices available and choose only the best one of them since there are many companies out there which may not be reliable and charge for more than the required payment.

Another vital point in transporting your Motor Home or RV to its destination is preparing it before the actual transportation. You should know that the insurance policies don’t work for improper preparations made by the owner before the transportation taking place. In order not to let that happen you have to make sure everything is in place and ready to go.

Before pulling out, you want to make sure you removed all personal items or other items which might get damaged since the Motor Home or RV during transportation will move quite a bit. You want to also turn off all electronic items, disconnecting the gas and electrical power supply.
Check that all doors, windows and cupboards are closed and locked. You can tape the doors in case they don’t lock properly. Before transportation, clean the Motor Home or RV. Check all the Motor Homes’ equipment such as the tires, engine, brakes, et cetera.

It doesn’t matter how prepared you are since accidents can happen. That’s why you have to make sure the insurance covers all types of accidents.

As stated above, getting your Motor Home or RV can be a bother but you can prevent accidents by being well prepared and knowing what types of accidents your insurance covers.

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