1. Get a headcount
Headcounts are important to have, from the starting point. It would all depend on the crowd and who you want the transport for. This is why, when you send out the invites, ask your attendees to confirm if they want to be picked and dropped.

2. Manage the out-of-towners
From day one, you would have guests and relatives and friends pouring in to help with the wedding and to attend it, from out of town. They would or wouldn’t know the city or town too well, which is why, it would be up to you to handle transportation for them. Right from picking them up from the airport or train stations or the bus depots, to bringing them to the wedding venue.

3.Advance booking saves the day
A good one month in hand is what you need to have when booking for wedding transportation, especially during the wedding season. Formal vehicles such as cars, and buses would always be in high demand.

4. Communication is the key
You need to get your word out to the attendees to let them know how they would be picked up and where or when. Spread the word through email and The not-so-tech-savvy folks attending your wedding, should be called the night before and all details of the transportation should be given.

5. A bridal party ride
This is especially for the hard-working souls behind your wedding- the bridesmaids and the groomsmen that need a break. Arrange for a bridal ride that would take them around town, to a party or for a night out on a spin. This helps them unwind and relax through all the rigmarole that is happening.

6. Never leave anyone stranded
Have someone to check, double check and to cross check with the attendees and the car or the bus company if all are picked up and on time. Never leave anyone stranded.

7.Ask your friends for help
Always ask your friends to be ready with their own personal vehicles to help ferry attendees to and from the venue. A backup plan for last minute arrivals can be a breather.

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