It’s never too late to transition into another career. People of all different ages and with all different skillsets and professional histories change careers all of the time. It doesn’t matter whether you’re fresh out of college and unhappy with your career path after just a couple of years or you’ve been with the same company for two decades and just need something different. It doesn’t even matter if you’ve recently been laid off and are simply ready for a fresh start.

Although some people have no problems transitioning from career to career, others sometimes run into more of a challenge. If you’re not sure what type of new career is right for you, you may want to start by asking yourself these four questions:

What Skills Do You Possess?

When you’re making a big career change, you’re not limited to the options that you’re already familiar with. Plenty of people venture into careers that are completely new to them, often taking the time to receive proper training or education. But if you’re looking for a smooth transition, you might want to focus on careers that involve the skills, talents, and interests that you already possess.

Are You Willing to Relocate?

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be a marine biologist – it’s a respectable career path to head down – but if you want to stay living in the middle of the Nevada desert, it may not be the right choice for you. Decide upfront whether or not you’re willing to relocate for your new career. If so, the possibilities are endless. If not, start looking at which careers are in the most demand around where you live.

How Much Money Do You Need?

People choose to transition into new careers for a variety of different reasons. Some do it in order to make more money, while others are most focused on finding something that provides personal satisfaction and engagement, even if it means taking a pay cut. Regardless of your reasons for switching careers, figure out exactly how much money you’re going to need to make. This will help eliminate wasting time considering options that may seem enjoyable but don’t offer enough to keep the bills paid.

What Type of Schedule Are You After?

Similarly, you also need to decide what kind of schedule works the best for your lifestyle. Are you after a traditional 9-to-5 role, or did you part ways with your last job in search of something with a bit more flexibility? Different career choices come with all types of schedules, from normal office jobs to location-independent options that operate on the hours you choose.

Some new careers are really easy to transition into, while others may take a lot more time, effort, and commitment. To identify the options which are the best fit, you need to be able to narrow down the list based on your own wants and needs. By implementing these four criteria, you can better identify the job options that make the most sense for you.

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With more than two decades of experience in both the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds, Tracey is a trusted authority on business management, a leading team builder and business consultant. She has extensive experience working with companies and individual clients as a Business Expert, Coach, and Mentor. Known for her straight forward, no fluff approach and business savvy eye, Tracey and her team of performance consultants work with companies and entrepreneurs in both the corporate world and in small businesses to propel enterprises to their best.

Tracey has been married 31 years, is a mother of four children (two girls, two boys), and grandmother to four grandsons with the first granddaughter due this spring. When Tracey’s not in the office, she enjoys spending time at the cottage. She loves to travel, scuba dives and enjoys touring in different locations.