All stages of a woman's life are transitory, whether we're growing into womanhood, getting married, having children, retiring or dealing with an empty nest. Similarly, we also go through different stages in our careers. At one point, we may be at the bottom of the corporate ladder; at others, we're in varying levels of leadership and positions of influence.

Additionally, we may leave the workforce for a few years to rear our children, then have to transition back in. Those of us with our own businesses may start out providing a wide range of services to clients in several industries before deciding to focus on one or two geared toward one special target market.

It's an ever-revolving door of beginnings and endings. Some transitions we're able to take in stride; others take much more out of us. The trick is to find a way to lessen any negative impact and remain empowered no matter what's going on.

1. Practice good self-care. When things get overwhelming and we are stressed, we tend to gravitate toward comfort foods that may not be the best for us. We also tend to throw ourselves even more into activity in a fruitless effort to "handle" things but that usually has dire consequences. For example, if you're a woman executive in a situation where you're trying to care for your elderly parents, contend with your teenagers and work full-time hours, you're likely headed for major burnout. The faster life speeds up, the more you need to slow down!

2. Influence what happens next. When in a difficult transition, it may look like circumstances are dictating the path and resistance is futile. Take time to tune in to your reaction. Look at the obstacles and challenges and make decisions when you feel your most rested and relaxed. Look at all the options, e.g. what will it take to have the best possible outcome? Am I informed enough at this point to decide?

3. Get support. None of us can go it alone. If you're facing an unexpected transition like losing your job due to downsizing, make sure you have a good support network outside of family and friends. Here is where personal coaching is well worth your while as your coach can give you a clear, objective look at the situation and help you work through both the financial and emotional issues much faster and more effectively than you would on your own.

Some transitions are exhilarating, like getting married, finally getting the promotion you always wanted or landing the ultimate ideal client. Yet even the fun ones can have their share of stress as you adapt to another new chapter in your life. Transitions are a part of who we are. How you handle them is completely within your control.

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