During my “Inner Abundance” courses, I get numerous questions from participants who want to know how they can use Affirmations and EFT to improve their financial situation. This theme seems to be a source of problems for many people, and I hope this article (and those following it) clarifies the EFT approach a little.

The primary concept is as follows:

We live in an intention-driven Universe

Life unfolds according to our inner intentions. I addressed this concept in a previous blog about inner thoughts. Whatever you think about yourself is true. This idea has already inspired many people to work using Affirmations and Visualization. The basic underlying principle is that those things you find ‘weighing you down’ or ‘holding you back’ are, to a certain extent, created by yourself, and are clearly things you shouldn’t want to hang onto any longer.

Thousands of books have been written on this topic in the past, so I’m not going to use this article to go into the subject in great depth; instead, I am going to suggest a few practical exercises that will help you begin the process of shedding your old skin and creating the life you want to live for yourself.


Get yourself a pencil and a piece of paper now. Yes, do it right now. Don’t put it off for a second, as taking positive action is one of the main components of the manifestation process. No magician is going to suddenly materialize and do it for you ;-)

Write an outline summary of your life as it is right now, and take some time over this. Consider very carefully how things are in the following areas of your life:

* Intimate relationships and family life
* Friendships and social life
* Work and career
* Money
* Personal and spiritual development
* Leisure
* Fitness and health
* Existence

Make a critical assessment – which areas are going well in your life – which areas are not? What would you like more or less of? Which areas are you satisfied with? What could be improved? Try to put this all down on a single sheet of paper in an uncluttered way. You might, for example, find it easier to draw a circle and divide it up into sectors representing the different areas of your life, you might distinguish between them using different colors, or even represent them as a chart or a map ….be as creative as you like!

What about Positive Thinking?

With respect for New-Agers and Positive Thinkers, I challenge you to look your life right in the eye, not just sit around and dream. How on Earth can anyone ‘change their life’ if they can’t see exactly what it contains right now? To use a physical analogy, you can compare where you are right now with the few seconds before you make a huge jump: first, you have to bend your knees and move your body closer to the ground – only then can you propel yourself forwards…

The first step in the process of changing your life is to examine exactly what it contains now. Everything that is taking place in your life now is there as a direct result of the choices you have made in the past. No more and no less than that. You can create completely different life patterns in the future by learning to think in a completely different way. How can anyone even begin to change their future without examining the present?

Begin with EFT!

Are you starting to see how to involve EFT in this process? You start by mapping out your life. It’s possible that several difficult emotions will start stabbing you in the head as you do this. Frustration, fear, sadness…. Take the opportunity and start tapping on all of them.

“Despite the fact I’ve got absolutely nowhere in life and get frustrated by it, I completely accept myself……”

“Even though I am often alone, I accept myself…”

“Even though I am scared I will never be successful, I accept myself…”

You can affirm your success over and over again, if you allow negative emotions and thoughts to hide deep in your sub-conscious, they will continue to act as a source of yet more negative feelings, more pain and more fear. This is because what you radiate is created by your whole being – your sub-conscious as well as your conscious thoughts. Accept these thoughts and feelings, look them in the eye and…. tap with EFT!

Start taking steps towards freeing yourself

Repeat the following exercise several times. Take a critical look at the map of your life and exammine what you feel. Get into everything that springs to your mind, examine it quietly and practice EFT until you find the inner strength to move towards changing it. ‘Inner Strength’ feels entirely different to the energy that rises up when you ‘fight’ or ‘push against’ something. As soon as you discover an aspect of your life that you get frustrated about and want to ‘get rid of’, think about it at length and tap with EFT until you get calm.

Its only by bending your knees and crouching that you can feel the power of the earth beneath your feet and prepare to make a great leap forward: once you have prepared to jump you simply …. Go!

Author's Bio: 

My name is Linda, 43 years old, living and working in Belgium with my life partner and for children. After working as a marketing and sales person, I changed my life by taking a whole other direction. After studying psychotherapy for more then 5 years, I started my own practice.

Two years ago I came across EFT, which turned out to be a blessing for me, my family and my clients.