Summertime is already upon us, bringing with it a wealth of To-Do lists in our homes and gardens. However, not all of us can afford to go all out on new home décor. To avoid feeling disappointed in your lot when family come for a summer BBQ, take our advice and start transforming your Maryland home and garden – with minimum budget required.

Decorating your Home and Garden on a Budget

To start living like a king or queen in your own space, take our tips and transform your world with a few smart moves.

You Will Need:

• White paint 10L
• Moldable glue (
• Salt, vinegar, and citrus oil
• One old teabag, used.
• And some soap…

Hacks for Home Decorating

Now that you have collected these raw ingredients, let’s start with the basics. The paint! Perk up any interior space with a fresh coat of white paint. Be it the ceiling, the doors, or the window frames of your property, painting both indoors and outdoors is a fun, fresh way to breathe new life into an old house.

Moldable glue is the real star of the show around your Maryland home. This stuff can be manipulated into any shape you need, is fully waterproof, and sets into a silicon-rubber type material. This means you can use it to create anything you like. Want a new stand for an art project? Grab the Sugru. Want to hang a picture? Grab the Sugru. Need to fix a shelf, make a permanent adjustment to your printer, or fix a cracked phone screen? Sugru. It’s so versatile it’s the perfect product for perking up your home.

Furniture Touch Up

To touch up scratches in perfectly serviceable (but bashed up) old furniture, soak a teabag in a little water. Wring it out, then run it over any scratches on dark wood. It will hide them expertly – and permanently if you then seal it with wax. If the wood is lighter in color, then you can use the teabag to mix a water substitute and use it instead.

Garden Tidy Up

The garden probably just needs some love and attention – and that’s where the salt, vinegar and citrus oil come in. Mix one cup of vinegar with a half of salt, a half of soap, and a squirt of citrus, and put it all in a spray bottle. Use it to spray the pathways and weeded areas of your garden and they will disappear almost overnight.

Maryland Veggies!

What better way to perk up your garden and simultaneously wow your guests, than by growing some fresh produce, right there in your own back yard. Can you imagine serving your own potatoes to your dinner guests? Picking your own carrots or peas brings an excellent wow factor to any outdoor occasion… Just imagine picking your own corn and putting it straight onto the barbie… amazing! You can find a good Maryland recipe book inspired by locally grown produce, nestled in our pages.

Last but Not Least

Always shop around before you start decorating your home or garden. You may be able to get some products in the Dollar Store, without splashing out. Cheap alternatives aren’t always better quality – but they will do in a pinch. The chances are that your neighbors won’t be able to tell the difference, anyhow.

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