Don’t some thoughts really bug you? They show up when you least need them and often won’t go away without some sort of force.
So let’s look at these thoughts wandering around in our heads. Where do they come from?

Most unintentional or undirected thoughts are a result of our mind trying to make sense of the information it is processing- based on what it already “knows”. The thoughts we hear are usually regurgitations of thoughts held in the subconscious mind that burst out like bubbles in the air due to some traumatic event that happens in our lives. Most of them we would prefer to file in the waste basket because they do not feel good and certainly serve no good purpose for us. I hope by the end of this little blog, you will be able to turf them because I am going to teach you how to d it.

Let’s say we have thoughts roaming in our head about not having enough money. We have thoughts like “I would like to do that but it costs money”, or “I really want to have something to eat but I don’t have enough money or I am afraid to spend the money in case I don’t get any more”. We can add hundreds of other thoughts that relate to our fear of not having enough. They all are reflections of a belief that we have lack and the core beliefs that we are not safe or loved.
So what can we do about these thoughts that undermine our happiness?
The first step is to recognize the thoughts, validating their existence. Rather than pushing them away or suppressing them, let them come up and sit in your mind. Allow yourself to look at them from an objective perspective. They cannot hurt you unless you choose to act on them.

The second step is to recognize how you feel when you are having the thought. It is the feeling that gives the thought power. Try to let yourself go back in time to find other occasions when you felt the same. The path will eventually take you back to an event in your childhood. Knowing the thought is just an old memory spewing out again makes it easier to let go of the thought because you can recognize it does not really belong to the present.
The next step is to recognize the feeling and thought when they come up, then diffuse the feeling before you have a chance to automatically react. This allows you to look at the thought by itself. Ask yourself if this thought is really the truth. Likely it is not. What do you think it is really trying to tell you? Without the feelings empowering it, the thought is pretty small isn’t it.
In order to change the thought into one you would more prefer to have, focus on the feelings of lack and ask yourself “Is there something I can connect with in this moment so I do not feel lack but rather abundance?” Maybe think of something you would like to have or something you could do that would help you feel more abundant.

Move the thought to the more favourable expression and focus on it. If you slip back into the old pattern, just quiet yourself and move back to the preferred thought. As you enjoy the good thought let yourself feel what it is like to be in this thought.

This process does not mean going out and spending money unnecessarily. It just means looking at your life and finding prosperity in it. It is about learning to recreate your life by managing your thoughts.
You can find abundance by enjoying nature around you, by the fact that you feel good, or that you know you have an income stream that will provide you with the money you need, etc. Remember, all we are doing is redirecting the thought. In this example, there is no need to spend money to get the desired results.
Again, once you have shifted the thought to a more favourable light, really pour the feeling back into it. Really let yourself feel what it feels like to be in abundance. Let that feeling radiate from you.

Remember to keep the favourable thoughts in present time since that is the only place you really exist anyway. When you master your thoughts, you master your world as well!

“I love and accept all the abundance that comes into my life!”

With persistence, you can learn to transmute any unfavourable thought into a favourable one, just by changing the feeling and the focus. Remember, nothing in your mind is hardwired. You can do this procedure with any thought pattern you wish to change, It is all just a matter of choosing to let go and make the shift.
You will notice that I have not used the terms negative thinking and positive thinking. I feel that these words are over used and inadequately understood. After all, something that is positive to one person may not be so to another. What is important is how you feel about the thought and the attached feeling and what you want to do with it. Feeling great and expressing it into the outer world is the ultimate goal.

If you wish to have a great visualization to specifically help you master this process, I have created a wonderful CD that is available with my book “Stamp Out Stress”. It is available in bookstores online and off.

To the greatest life possible!



Author's Bio: 

Monty Ritchings is an author who focuses on providing answers to life's most basic questions like How did we get here? or more correctly What are we doing here and how can I make this experience work for me?

Monty has over 40 years experience in mysticism, spritual healing and personal growth work