Back in the 1930s, the late great psychic diagnostician Edgar Cayce said, “Thoughts are things---crimes or miracles in their own right.” The eyes of Cayce’s psychic soul, seeing everything as energy, readily perceived that our thoughts, emotions, attitudes and beliefs determine from life to life who we are, how we interpret events, and the reality in which we find ourselves.
Cayce fully understood that it is useless to judge or fear anything. What looks like a meltdown of the U.S. economy, weather and politics could be (and is) progressive change. Every event brings evolutionary change, both in our personal lives and in the course of human history. Sometimes events look dark, as with China’s conquest of Tibet and Al Gore’s loss of the presidency in year 2000. Yet these events brought to the world the Dalai Lama’s brilliant teachings on the use of meditation to manage destructive emotions and Al Gore’s timely warnings about global warming.
What transforms consciousness is destiny, spun out from the personal and collective into the light-filled ocean of spirit, which clothes ideas with atomic particles and waves of matter and form. This exchange between the spirit and materiality is always taking place, but some points in time are more auspicious than others.
Today we find ourselves at just such a pivotal moment—a paradigm shift—in the history of humankind
The Quantum Sea
Cayce was ahead of the quantum wave, whose pioneering physicists now support his contention that our thoughts and feelings configure subatomic packets of light (quanta) into personal and collective realities. I perceive three resonant levels of quantum reality:
1) While each person’s beliefs and expectations create his/her own spheres of existence, 2) the beliefs and expectations in humanity’s collective unconscious are magnetically encoded in a high-speed web of light strung in multiple dimensions inside and above people and the earth.
3) The third dimension is the pulsating, quantum sea of spirit called “life force” or God. This spiritual reality composes the rhythmic music of the universe played by nature and the astrological patterns wheeling through the sky. Both emit a rich, complex set of frequencies, or pitches, reverberating with new, creative possibilities for healing, change and transformation.
These astrological influences emanate their psychospiritual energies into the earth’s magnetic field to present choices and opportunities that evolve us toward the higher good. But sometimes these powerful cosmic forces meet resistance that causes turbulence. This is exactly what we are experiencing now.
Zeitgeist: The Saturn-Uranus Opposition
Virginia Beach astrologer Raye Mathis describes these astrological influences in the September-October 2008 issue of “Venture Inward,” the international magazine published by Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment (
Between November 4, 2008 (by no accident, voting day in the U.S. presidential election) and July 26, 2010, several oppositions of Saturn and Uranus will arouse powerful polarized energies. Saturn, the planet of change, represents the status quo’s conservative forces of safety and security, while Uranus brings in the energies of bold, dynamic and youthful leadership, as in the socio-political upheaval of the 1960s.
According to Cayce, when these two extremely different energies oppose each other, everything from business relations and personal relationships to financial conditions goes awry.
Sound familiar?
Here is the zeitgeist, or spirit, of these times. Conservative security versus bold, youthful and dynamic change are personified in America’s presidential candidates, their vice-presidential nominees, and the two major political parties. These oppositional energies are global, but they are especially strong in the United States because of the energetic “charge” generated by the nation’s high-powered military and economic forces.
Choices and Challenges for Evolutionaries
At this moment in time, people across the planet face a stark choice. We must decide whether to boldly walk into a new future led by bright, young creative minds or whether to stick with the status quo. Change is never easy, and most people avoid it. Yet here it is and only one question matters: Is the status quo in line with your deepest-held values?
Rejecting the status quo always creates turmoil. The old guard, entrenched in outworn patterns, attempts to win by sowing fear in people’s hearts. Many people close up and rely on others to make their choices. But eventually, the mirror of life reveals the most illumined paths into the future and people walk down them.
Every heart, mind and soul must stay calm enough to make wise, inspired choices. Changing conditions may surge like tidal waves, but the peaceful heart and soul will stay afloat on this heaving sea of energy, which beckons us into a brave new age.
The energies flowing in from the Saturn-Uranus opposition and the Age of Aquarius present us with unprecedented opportunities for self-growth, spiritual illumination and planetary transformation. We meet these extraordinary times with everything in place to effect positive change. Science and spirituality have merged in the new physics to show us the way.
The Global Coherence Initiative
The HeartMath Institute, drawing on 15 years of scientific research, is now moving to effect a global shift in planetary awareness. Everyone is invited to participate in this exciting effort.
The goal of the Global Coherence Initiative is to teach people to evoke heart-based harmony via the emWave (see article above) and transmit coherence into the field to transform consciousness.
HeartMath’s research initially focused on how stress affects the heart, brain and body and how, in turn, human consciousness influences the earth’s magnetic field. Changes in the earth’s magnetic field are now scientifically linked to brain and nervous system changes, human performance, ESP, nutrient synthesis in plants and algae, traffic violations and accidents, human mortality from heart attacks and strokes, and the incidence of depression and suicide.
In other words, human beings are intimately connected with the earth’s electromagnetic field. Geomagnetic changes influence everything on earth and especially the human heart; conversely, the human heart powerfully influences the field.
A Global Wave
Given this interconnectivity, the Global Coherence Initiative seeks people willing to help create a positive emotional wave that will generate a global coherence wave. Its science-based mission is to unite millions of people in heart-focused care and intention to shift global consciousness from instability and discord to balance, cooperation and enduring peace.

The Global Coherence Initiative, like all good projects, plans to measure its outcomes, but in a way that has never been done before: by monitoring the heartbeat and brainwaves of the earth. On the drawing board is a Global Coherence Monitoring System (GCMS) consisting of between 50 and 100 monitors strung out across the planet to measure what is occurring in the earth’s ionosphere, a magnetic field composed of plasma that is highly charged with gases and protects us from solar winds and cosmic rays. The magnetometers will measure our effect on the earth's ionosphere and will also measure electromagnetic changes in the field to predict earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and other planetary events. The two chief researchers predicted weeks in advance the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens and other seismic activity.
While the GCMS raises $5 million to hire additional staff, fund the remote monitoring sites and supply emWaves to poorer populations, people with and without emWaves are participating in synchronized coherence events. If you enjoy being at the nexus of science and spirituality, be sure to take part in planned intentionality experiments to shift weather patterns, change the chemical structure of water and mutate living systems such as bacteria. Major universities are taking part in these experiments, which are expected to work because of a known amplification effect that is greater than the sum of the individuals.
You don't need to buy an emWave to join The Global Coherence Initiative. But if you do, the profit from your purchase will fund construction of the GCMS. Either way, you are invited to join more than 5,000 people pouring coherent light into the field to restore harmony to people and the earth. The goal is 10,000 people by year-end. This remarkable effort is underway when we need it most and just as we awaken to our enormous inner resources and co-creative potential.
Light Up the Planet
Sign up at to join this effort to transform consciousness. If you purchase an emWave, enter your location on the Community Map. Members in 46 countries are represented on this map, which shows them as owners of emWaves and reflects in color their self-described state of emotional well-being.
According to HeartMath, when you use a Tracker during synchronized events, this information is uplinked to satellite so that everyone can see everyone else and how they are feeling. The Trackers will be used in experiments once the GCMS is up and running.
It’s hard to imagine a better way than this to serve self and the world. Plugging into the field in this positive, constructive way will prove once and for all, to each and every one of us, that nothing is more powerful than the Light of love.
This time of transition gives a magnificent gift. We are learning about our oneness with each other and with all things. Understanding this connects us with a world of people who want to surf the waves of peace and harmony together.

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