What are chakras? Chakras are energetic spinning wheels which reside in the spiritual body. Each chakra represents a different emotional layer. When you have thoughts and feelings which are negative they can get stored inside of your spiritual body and chakras. When your chakras are filled with gunk this can lead to various illnesses, body aches or feelings of depression and anxiety. The best way to clear your chakras would be to meditate or get an energy healing session.

Within our chakras, a vast amount of energy and information is contained. Being a Reiki practitioner, I’m able to tune into my intuition when working with a client's chakras. This helps the individual understand where their blocks are, so they can let go of them more easily. During my healing sessions, I’ve started to notice many similarities between each client and their chakras.

This is why I wanted to write an article about the seven chakras and what each of them signify. This information can help on your journey to heal the parts of you that are out of alignment. Are you ready to understand the seven chakras? Let’s do it!

Crown Chakra
The crown chakra sits three to four inches above the head. This chakra is the door to the universe. What does this mean? Whether you believe in God, True Source or the Jesus Christ, your crown chakra is the bridge to your higher power. So if you’re someone who talks to your higher power on a regular basis through prayer, meditation, and regular day to day activities. Your crown chakra remain very open. If you’re someone who rarely talks to your higher power, your crown chakra could be quite closed depending on how much faith you have. It’s so important to have a daily communication with your higher power as it opens your crown chakra so you feel more blissful and happy.

Below are some things you can do to open up your crown chakra
Look at the color purple
Meditate with an amethyst crystal
Smell frankincense essential oil.

Third Eye
The third eye is one of those chakras that can get blocked very easily if you’re someone who doesn’t turn off your mind. It sits right in between your eyebrows. If you have thoughts which are scattered and/or negative your third eye is most likely clogged. Feelings of unclarity, depression, heaviness, and tiredness are good indicators that your third eye is not spinning as it should. One way to get the energy to flow to your third eye is to start meditating. This can be difficult, as when you first start meditating you will have many thoughts come up. Getting an energy healing treatment is another way to help your third eye, so you can feel more happiness and clarity in your life.

Below are some things you can do to open up your third eye chakra
Meditate regularly
Visualise a dark blue ball of energy at your third eye
Say the affirmation: My thinking is calm and peaceful

Throat Chakra
Suppression of emotion often gets stuck in the throat chakra. When people don’t express how they’re feeling, a denser energy is held in the throat area. A lot of people who have a blocked throat chakra are often sick with mucus in there nose and throat. Strep throat and the common cold can be constant in their lives. This is why it’s so important to speak your truth. Gossiping and complaining too much can also block the throat chakra. The best thing to do if something is upsetting you is to write it down. When we suppress our emotions, this is when our throat becomes tight and restricted not allowing the energy to flow.

Below are some things you can do to open up your throat chakra
Write down the way you’re feeling
Look at something that is the color blue
Dabble lavender essential oil on your throat

Heart Chakra
Anger, resentment, sadness and hurt are emotions of the heart chakra. When we hold anger towards someone and refuse to forgive them, we build resentment that in turn surrounds our heart chakra. Think of it like a protective wall that covers our heart to protect us from being hurt. When we have a wall up we’re not able to be open and vulnerable. Often people with a blocked heart chakra have a hard time crying. Another good way to tell if your heart chakra is blocked is if you feel a lot of anger and rage. Anger is just built up hurt wanting to express itself. When energy can flow to the heart chakra, you’ll feel more happiness, peace and unconditional love.

Below are some things you can do to open up your heart chakra
Hug someone
Go into nature
Do a gratefulness meditation

Solar Plexus
The solar plexus sits two inches above the navel and can store many emotions. One of them in particular is the feeling of shame. When we feel ashamed of ourselves, this is when our solar plexus gets blocked. The solar plexus is our power center and can give us energy. You want to think of your solar plexus like the sun. Sometimes the sun doesn’t shine, but it’s always there behind the clouds even if you don’t see it. People with a blocked solar plexus will often find it hard to have discipline and willpower. They don’t believe in themselves and they will quit easily. Another emotion that gets stored inside the solar plexus is unworthiness. Many people with a blocked solar plexus feel like they’re not worthy of receiving love and happiness.

Below are some things you can do to open up your solar plexus chakra
Hold a yellow jasper stone
Exercise and focus on your abs
Visualise a yellow ball of energy like the sun two inches above your navel

Sacral Chakra
The Sacral chakra is three inches below the navel. For females it resides within a womb. Guilt is the main negative emotion of the sacral Chakra. Do you often say yes to things when you don’t want to because you feel bad? Do you ever feel guilty about eating foods that are not necessarily healthy for you? This dense energy gets stored in your sacral chakra which can deplete your energy and vitality. Often clients who have been molested in childhood or adolescence have a blocked sacral chakra due to feelings of guilt and shame around the incident. Doing a release session or an inner child healing is a great way to release negative energy stored in this chakra. Another way to unblock your sacral chakra is to enjoy all the pleasures that life has to offer. Connecting to your creative power is another way to help get this chakra moving.

Below are some things you can do to open up your sacral plexus chakra
Every morning ask yourself the question: How can I enjoy life more today
Go swimming
Smell the essential oil, wild orange

Root Chakra
The root chakra can get clogged easily if you're one to worry about the past and future. Feeling fearful and anxious thoughts easily block your root chakra. When fear rules your life you feel unstable and wobbly. Releasing fearful thoughts is important when trying to clear your root chakra. Have resentment towards family members also blocks the root chakra. People with an open root chakra have a strong sense of identity and integrity.

Below are some things you can do to open up your root chakra
Practice yoga
Put your feet in grass
Get a reflexology massage

Author's Bio: 

Rishma Petraglia is a self-love coach and intuitive healer living in Singapore. Rishma is on a journey to help people discover inner peace, unconditional love, and happiness using self-love and healing techniques such as Reiki, meditation and mindfulness. Rishma’s calm and beautiful presence brings profound wisdom, understanding and insights into her practice. For more information please visit www.theheartwhispers.com.