The Law of Attraction is simply this: the more intense your feelings around something, the sooner it will come to you. That is why it is more important to talk and think about what it is that we want in our lives as opposed to what it is that we don’t.
- Katherine Woodward Thomas

What is The Law of Attraction?

To understand The Law of Attraction it is necessary to understand that everything is energy. Everything in this world is made up of atoms continuously vibrating at different speeds. It is a law of nature that every atom of your body is in constant motion. Whether you know it or not - you are constantly vibrating at an energetic frequency.

This energy is magnetic, attracting energy that vibrates at the same frequency. Think of a tuning fork. When you strike one tuning fork, another tuning fork across the room will automatically vibrate if it is calibrated to the same frequency.

Have you ever noticed that you get a negative, uncomfortable feeling being around some people and a positive, uplifting feeling from others? And, depending on their “vibe” you are either attracted to them and want to be around them or you are repelled by them and do not want to be in their presence. This is an example of the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction is operating all the time, whether you believe it or not.

What makes one person vibrate differently than another? The answer is simple: It is their energy – expressed as their mood, attitude, emotional state or feelings. All beings are either vibrating positive energy or negative energy.

When you are feeling angry, disappointed, sad, upset, distressed, confused, fearful, anxious or hurt – and continue to focus your attention on the thoughts, words and actions that generate these feelings you will continue to feed, nourish and experience these painful feelings.

When you are feeling happy, excited, joyful, compassionate, kind and loving and continue to focus your attention on the thoughts that generate these feelings you will continue to feed, nourish and experience these satisfying, loving and happy feelings.

Our feelings are pure magnetic energy. They are constantly flowing from us every minute of the day. How you feel, the attitude you are experiencing affects the magnetic vibration you are sending out and what you, consequently, attract.

Unintentional Attraction

Often people attract negative experiences to their life even though they think they are sending out a different vibration. How can this be? Here’s why: When your subconscious mind hears the words don’t, no or avoid, it automatically focuses on whatever you instruct it not to think about.

For example: As you read this, don’t think about a pink elephant. If you are like most people you will immediately see an image of a pink elephant in your mind, even though the instruction was to not to think about it!

How can you apply this idea to your life? If you want to lose weight, focusing on not being fat isn’t going to create the vibration you want. Instead, envisioning and feeling your goal fulfilled – the benefits of how you look and feel as you gaze at yourself in the mirror, wearing clothes in a smaller size will produce feelings of excitement, happiness, satisfaction and joy. This produces the positive energetic vibrations that support your weight loss goal becoming fulfilled. When you cultivate and nourish a state of gratitude and delighted anticipation for your desired result, you will attract it toward you much faster.

The trick to the Law of Attraction is to notice what you are feeling – to use your feelings as your personal radar system – and decide whether or not your feelings are producing the vibration you want. If they aren’t then you must ask yourself, “What do I desire?” Listen to the answer and create a vision of your desired result fully endowed with the feelings that represent your goal accomplished.

In order to consciously harness the power of The Law of Attraction it is necessary to become aware of your feelings and thoughts. Use the following exercise to allow you to monitor your thoughts and feelings:

Monitor your thoughts and words. When you notice that your self-talk is focused on what you don’t want and what you wish were different re-focus your attention on what you do want – your desired result, by asking, “What do I want?”

Use the contrast, what you don’t want, as an opportunity to
define and focus on what you do want.

For example:
• I do not want to be sick.
• What do I want? I want to be healthy.

To consciously activate The Law of Attraction use the full resources of your imagination to embody what being healthy feels like for you.

Reminder: Since you have thousands of thoughts on any given day, it can be a challenge to monitor all of your thoughts. This is where you can use your feelings to allow you to become aware of your thoughts. When you notice you are feeling undesirable feelings, complete the following statement:

When I am feeling ___identify your feeling___,
I am thinking ___identify your thoughts___.

Notice your self-sabotaging statements. These are the thoughts that interfere with what you want.

For example: You want a fabulous, loving, romantic, soul mate relationship. You start to imagine how wonderful it would be to have this relationship in your life. At this point you are sending out positive vibrations. In the next moment your self-talk is declaring, “I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to find someone this wonderful – I haven’t so far. I’m just too old and not attractive enough,” then you are canceling the positive vibration and unintentionally, and unconsciously, attracting the opposite of what you want. In this moment your vibration is negative in relation to your desired result.

If you notice that you cannot focus on having a fabulous, loving, romantic, soul mate relationship without being confronted with sabotaging thoughts, then create statements like:
• I am working on creating a fabulous relationship in my life.
• I am in the process of creating a great relationship.
• I love the idea of having a loving relationship in my life.
• I am excited about the thought of a loving soul mate relationship in my life.
• I have the power and capacity to create a fabulous relationship in my life.

These statements will keep you focused on what you desire, derail your sabotaging statements and keep your energy flowing in the direction of your dream fulfilled.

Monitor what you are feeling: Throughout the day identify what you are feeling - the energetic vibration you are sending. (You might set a tone on your phone to beep once an hour as a reminder to do a personal vibration check.)

Remember: Your attitude produces your energetic vibration. To harness the power of The Law of Attraction to live the life of your dreams you must take responsibility for your attitude.

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