To stay healthy it is very crucial to have a balanced immune system. An under active immune system will fail to protect from foreign antigens and an overactive immune system leads to allergies and auto immune system. Hence it is very crucial to have balanced immune system by the help of transfer factors. Transfer factors are immune molecules that cause antigen specific cell mediated immunity. these have been promoted as a treatment for cancer, multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, HIV, Alzheimer’s disease, autism, diabetes, Lyme disease, infertility, muscle weakness, genetic and infectious disease, heroes, Epstein –Barr virus, hepatitis, asthma and chronic fatigue syndrome. In simple words transfer factor is a theory that immunity information in the body can be transferred from cell to cell.

The body has the capability to successfully protect against bacteria, fungus and other diseases. The
transfer factor molecules generate a reminiscence in the body of the past pathogens it has been bare to, which is integral to uphold the integrity and effectiveness of the immune system. In fact the cell has the capability to instruct the immune system to grow immune and to recognize bacteria and viruses that are harmful to the body. A good example of the way transfer factor work is laid the chickenpox during childhood. When a child is infected and treated the body developed a memory of the illness. This memory prevents the body from getting re infected later in life. The body will contain transfer factor molecules specifically for chicken pox and this molecule is an exact blue print of what the disuse looks like. This enables the body to grow immune and stay healthy by immediately recognize and respond to any type of re infection exposure.

Colostrum is responsible for building body’s initial immunity it also builds the initial memory of the immune system. Scientist is working very hard on creating additional antibiotic as transfer factor for human consumption in an effort to strengthen immune systems even further. They are doing it by extracting colostrum from cows as healthy cows have the ability to produce millions of transfer factor to keep you healthy. It is also said that transfer factors can cross varied mammal lines.

In fact they help to stimulate the immune system to recognize and react to a threat, but they also have the job to calm down the immune response once the threat is over. They also can help to balance an overreaction to harmless agents like pollen or reaction against the body’s own cell.

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