Translation is the process of translating words or text from one language into another. One essential part of a successful translation is making sure that the true meaning of the text of the source language is not lost in translation — literally. And the other core part is transcreation services done by professional translators or transcreators.

This is especially important in marketing and advertising campaigns. Why?

Marketers and copywriters spend not hours, but days perfecting a short sentence or phrase. Choosing the right words is crucial. Selecting the right imagery is key.

They have to ensure that:

The copy packs a punch
The imagery is accurate
The marketing message is clear
The brand tone and style comes through
The target audience can relate to it on a greater level
This requires a professional who has both great experience and skills with the two languages and good marketing skills to re-create it the best way possible.

This is called transcreation.

What is the difference between translation and transcreation?
Transcreation refers to creatively translating marketing materials, whereas translation has a much broader meaning. Translation is about producing an accurate and idiomatic rendering of the original text.

It is key to make sure your company stays clear of poor transcreation work. It can not only damage the image of your brand, but also burn marketing budget and withholds you from reaching your campaign goals.

Here are some good and bad examples of translation and transcreation and translation works, Take a look so that you can learn from the mistakes of others instead of making them yourself.

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