Naturally Fun, Enjoyable and thrilled

Trampoline jumping is naturally fun, enjoyable, and even thrilled. We all know that kids love to jump on beds, and most everybody loves bounce houses and trampolines. Why? Because moving up and down – pulsing, vibrating, enjoying another dimension of freedom and connection – is inherently fun, good for you, and often feels downright wonderful. If something if fun and feels good, we tend to keep doing it.

Consider jumping and breathing

When you bounce, your body naturally begins to breathe better, that is, more deeply and more fully. As everyone knows, breathing better makes us feel better and lead to peace of mind. Trampolines are also great in terms of convenience, safety, and cost. For most people it is far easier to set up a trampoline and use it on a daily basis than it is to get to a gym.

There are many perspectives with respect to what is claimed to be special about the health and fitness benefits of trampoline jumping such as all of the body’s cells are strengthened through the process of jumping, either because of gravity changes or because of pressure differentials. Jumping leads to greatly increased lymph fluid circulation, leading directly to a boosted immune system, greater white blood cell activity, and increased detoxification. Jumping directly yields impressive aerobic exercise benefits in terms of heart strength and functioning, respiration, and related physiological functions and jumping is often said to improve Physical Strength, Coordination, Balance, and Flexibility.

Have a Daily Bounce

If you want maximum value from your trampoline jumping, then you will want to strive towards a daily Bounce. Some days you may get in nice long sessions and some days you may only get in a few minutes, but do find a way to bounce as often as possible, ideally on a daily or near - daily basis. Trampoline jumping is a great workout, and it can bring you great benefits, if you get overly tired of it at any given point, you should take a break.

It may be easier, more fun, and more convenient to bounce on a regular basis than it is to do any other form of exercise that will likely deliver you an equivalent level of increased health, fitness, and well-being.

Depending on your original physical state and whether you already have effective exercise program, if you bounce for 15 to 30 minutes daily for four to five times a week, you will be making a serious, long-term, strategic bet that, on average, is likely to leave you with a substantially improved level of health and well-being that will serve you exceptionally well in the long run. This is so true both for people who already have a strong fitness program as part of their lives, and even more so for those who at present are lacking in health, fitness, and well-being.

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