While everyone else is just okay being alone for a few minutes or hours, you actively seek that solitary time when you can unwind. You know that you get the most power from within when you don’t have people around. Or even when those humans are there, all of them are strangers who are least interested to talk to you. And you love your Uber driver who doesn’t talk to you. You can certainly relate to the traits mentioned below that make you a perfect solo vacationer.

Those conflicting emotions about people

You don’t hate people, but you don’t love them either. Just after an hour of talking too much, you need several hours to sit alone and regain that energy to be a social human being again. You like the company of people, but not for a very long time. When you are out there in a new city, you are able to strike a conversation with just anyone, and then recoil into your imaginary box when you are done. Sounds familiar? Certainly yes!

A thrifty shopper

You are a miser for a good reason; you know that you need to save money for your next solo trip. You don’t buy cigarettes, not because you don’t like to smoke, but since you know that they are a waste of money. You cut down on your favorite expenses because they are pricey affairs. Dinners outside are rare; you prefer house parties. You can happily take a hand-me-down sweatshirt or Indian saree from absolutely anyone because it looks beautiful on you, and without any guilt. No expense under the sun is more important than the ticket to your next destination.

Maturity has arrived before time

You are already ten years mature than your peers because you have seen the world. You don’t fall for the Facebook and Instagram trends, and upload only worthy pictures. A great experience at a new destination is much more important to you than a taking Selfies everywhere. You don’t freak out when someone gossips about you, and share a good laugh about it with everyone. Expensive phones and laptops do not matter to you because they are just another material possessions. And when your friends call you boring, you cannot help but just smirk.

You know that safety is important

When you have to travel to a new place, you know that you do not have to wander alone at the darkest corners of the streets. You ask around people before wandering to a new place while knowing that it is important to travel without an itinerary, but not without wits.

Travel without a plan is exciting

Yes, itineraries are important, but travel without one is more exciting than scary. You don’t have to have a plan all the time, a certain amount of money in pocket, or a list of places to visit to make your road trips successful. If unplanned travel makes adrenalin pump up in your body, you are a born solo traveler. You can hire Self-Drive Cars in Hyderabad when you have money, and survive on a hitchhiking as well. And you are the luckiest person on earth if you get a like-minded partner in crime.

If you can make money when you go broke without any shame in a new city, nothing can stop your from fulfilling your dreams. You understand that solitude gives immense power that very few people can handle. You love your own company, which also means that you do not hate others either. Self-love is important, and you are not guilty for it.

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