As much you enjoy playing and cuddling your canine friend, finding pee puddles on your carpet area is obviously something you don’t appreciate.

At, first, you may treat it as a one-off inconvenience- stepping on the pee-patch first thing in the morning. But, you dear old Milo keeps going back to the same spot to leak, thus leaving you with an endless cycle of daily pee-cleaning.

You adore him, but truth be told, doing this every day can be quite frustrating. Not to forget the damage it is causing to your expensive carpet and the horrible smell which inevitably will ooze out if this continues.

What to Do?

Well, you can’t punish the dog (simply because YOU CAN’T as you’re too much attached to him). And neither can you use cleaning fluids having bleach as that will only help heighten the urine smell from the carpet.

In such a situation, you are left with no other choice but to train Milo and keep him away from your carpet.


Dogs often relieve themselves numerous times in a day in the exact spot. The scent of their previous leaks lingers in the nose. So you need to do something about that lingering odour.

A wise move would be to hire a company offering carpet cleaning services in Adelaide to remove the smell completely and even deodorise the area. They have the tools, industry-approved cleaning disinfectants, and expertise to deliver quality spot/stain removals in super quick time.

  • Once that is done, you need to adjust Milo’s routine and keep it consistent day-after-day! Notice if he is heading over to the same carpet spot. That could be a sign that he intends to relive himself. If so, then carry him inside the bathroom and make him pee in the toilet or his pee-pad.

Keep repeating this till he starts heading there himself. The lingering smell will further act as a beacon drawing him there.

  • Make a list of how often he goes to the bathroom. Generally, your dog will go in the morning, after any meals or drinking water, and possible in the middle of the night.  
  • You can also use dog psychology to train Milo. Since your canine friend is less likely to leak in places where he eats; you can try putting his food and water bowl over your expensive carpets.

And every time he does go to relieve himself to the bathroom, greet him on his return with surprises like a tasty treat and extra cuddling.

Once he finally realises this, he will more likely hold on to this habit and pee where you want him too in anticipation of that tasty treat and cuddling.

  • Also, make it a point to monitor the pad regularly. Most times, you will get disposable pads, so, change them if necessary, to avoid excessive mess and urine odour.

Their pad should be as clean as your toilet.

  • Eventually, when Milo grows up, you can transition him from his pad to outdoors.

You can do that by slowly moving the pad closer to the door over the course of a few days until you step out and set it in on the exterior deck and from there to your front yard.

Doing all this will take time. But then again, dogs are a creature of habit, and if they are taught consistently to do the same thing, they will eventually learn to do it themselves.

Finished Training Milo?

Once Milo learns to do what you want, it would not be a bad idea to professionally clean your carpets again for other existing germs, filth and bacteria which may have resulted due to faults of your own.

These carpet cleaning specialists in Salisbury will be more than happy to visit your place at your time of convenience and thoroughly disinfect your precious carpets.

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The author runs a company specialising in professional cleaning services in Adelaide. He is also an avid blogger and shares tips on the importance of general cleanliness and hygiene.