Are you an avid runner that is getting ready for your first big race? Have you wondered what necessary equipment you should have to perform at your best? Having the proper equipment will keep you running like Forrest Gump for all of your significant events.

Quality Shoes

Shoes are the essential protective item you'll purchase as a serious runner. Well-cushioned shoes will help you prevent shin splints and other pains that result from poor quality shoes. As you browse for the perfect shoe, focus on comfort and flexibility as your determining factors. Get the advice from many seasoned runners to see if there is a trend of one brand versus another.

Running Socks

Quality socks are imperative unless you want feet like a caveman. A quality sock can elevate your stride to the next level. You will want to avoid cotton socks because they absorb water, and your feet will blister. Look for socks made from merino to keep moisture at bay and regulate temperature. The socks do not always have to be from graduated compression experts, but higher quality goes a long way.


Some runners may suggest not using headphones because of safety hazards. Imagine a race of nearly fifteen miles with no music! Some of your favorite tunes can put you "in the zone" during the race. Bluetooth headphones are best to avoid the cord from hitting into you with every step. If you cannot drop the earbuds, look for ones that are sweat-resistant to provide you with maximum comfort.

Body Glide

Unless you want to spend a week recovering from the race, body glide is a lifesaver. This product will help reduce chafing and painful skin irritation. Apply the glide to all of the prime spots that are prone to sweat. These include the bra line, inner thighs, feet, and even your buttcrack! One of the main reasons runners do not finish races is their feet. The body glide will prevent your feet from developing blisters and becoming raw. You'll thank yourself later and avoid a lot of agony by using this lubricant.

Preparation is critical for you to finish the big race to the end. Running is a sport that can be done almost anywhere, so your running gear can have a tremendous impact on your performance. As you complete successful runs, you will be motivated to continue, and your future events will be more enjoyable.

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Dixie Somers is a freelance writer who loves to write for business, health, and women’s interests. She lives in Arizona with her husband and three beautiful daughters.