Would you like to get more traffic to your websites but don't know where to start? If so, you probably found those emails about the Traffic Dashboard pretty tempting. But of course you're wondering if it sounds too good to be true.

Here's the scoop:

The traffic dashboard has been created by Kim Roach, an internet marketer of high repute, and so I had high expectations. Does it deliver? Read on and decide for yourself.

I know a TON about getting traffic already, having studied this topic for several years and scooped up a huge stack of products by some of the best marketers. Still, there were quite a few things in Kim's Traffic Dashboard that I didn't know about yet.

The information that was new to me personally was especially in the details about how to actually apply the techniques, and a wealth of additional places where I can implement them. This information is absolutely priceless and worth every penny of the (currently) modest investment.

So even marketers who know a lot about how to get traffic already would find plenty of value in the dashboard.

And for anyone who has not already invested heavily into learning about getting traffic, most of the Traffic Dashboard information will be new!

About the format:

The whole program is modeled to some degree after Marlon Sanders' Dashboards, at least on the surface. However, unlike Marlon's dashboards, which present their subjects in huge depth, one step at a time, Kim's dashboard is a bit different.

For starters, instead of Marlon's 36 buttons/icons/fields, it has "just" 20, and each of those fields stands for a particular traffic strategy. The information itself is primarily presented in the form of videos.

So when you click on each of those 20 fields, you will find...

a) A video
b) A transcript of the video

The high quality videos are thorough, and the transcripts can be printed out so you can refer to them easily as you're implementing the strategies. And yes, you can take notes on them too.

One thing you should know:

The dashboard is very new, and a few transcripts are still missing. So is at least one video (which has the notation that it is being uploaded as we speak). I expect that the video should be there shortly, and I'm pretty sure that the transcripts won't be far behind. Most of them are there, and so are almost all of the videos.
In addition, there is a tab that promises cheat sheets, but when you click on it, you'll discover that they will be "Coming Soon."

What about the specific techniques that are included?

If you're looking for the boring basics, you won't find them here. Article marketing is mentioned mainly as a jumping-off point for some serious syndication strategies that will maximize your exposure exponentially.

And there's nothing about basic Pay Per Click either. In fact, the vast majority of the techniques in the dashboard require no investment.

Instead, it presents strategies that range from running free WSO's (Warrior Special Offers) to Ad swaps, webinar swaps as well as other kinds of swaps, to various blogging strategies. It includes information on syndicating your articles in various formats including audio and video, working with JV partners, buying solo ads (and exactly how and where to do it), and lots more.

You can find out the details by simply watching the video on the sales page.

And here's a special tip:

If you try to navigate away from the sales page and hit "Cancel," you'll be offered a free special report and a chance to buy a "Lite" version of the Dashboard for a reduced price.

Overall, I find Kim's Traffic Dashboard an excellent value and recommend it to anyone who needs more website traffic.

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