There are certain specific highlights that you will find very common although in different versions and styles.

1. High ventilation blessed with a pleasant, moderate climate throughout the year with a few months of exceptionally heavy rains, Keralites loves to have extensively wide windows and ventilators in every single room.
2. Indoor courtyard or Nadumuttam which is a centre courtyard is one of the prominent spaces that one can always see in a Kerala style home.
3. Evolving styles for stairs the interior designs of a Kerala style house will inspire you to experiment. It is rare or very tough to find two houses having their stairs completed in a similar design.
4. Majestic doors and windows this is probably one of the striking interior elements of a house done in Kerala style. The doors and windows are always considered to be of great aesthetic value
5. Love for wood is always given utmost preference for the interiors especially in a house in Kerala as it is regarded to be the best material for home decor which is so versatile that it can never be outdone by any material – in look or durability.

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