Founded by Nathan Michaud, Investors Underground offers premium chat room services to experienced traders. Nathan himself is a well-known trader in his own right, and he has many years of experience to prove it.

Michaud used to be a trading guru with other popular trading platforms. However, unlike other traders, he already had a business under his belt before partnering with them.

After he parted ways with his previous platform, he completely redesigned IU before relaunching it. It is mainly a chat room service that allows professional traders to share their ideas and thoughts about different stocks.

However, it might not be a service for beginners because there is a certain learning curve involved. Nonetheless, already established investors like these chatrooms because there are no meaningless conversations - just trading, alerts and news headlines.

If you are just a novice, this might not be the best option for you because it can be hard figuring out how the chat rooms work. Still, this is not something you should be afraid of. Once you read our Investors Underground review, you might decide to give it a try after all.


While writing our Investors Underground review, we immediately realized that IU is just like any other chat room. It has moderators and traders who exchange ideas every day. However, there is no room for trivial chatter or off-topic questions. Once you start annoying someone or you ask a question which you can easily Google, your post will get muted.

Furthermore, Nathan and other moderators allow the users to track their posts without any hassle. You will see their posts and answers in highlights, so the timeline is extremely organized. Unlike other chat rooms on the web, Nathan proved that you could create a service without nonsense posts that might derail from the main ideas.

Trading Strategies

Even before starting this Investors Underground review, Nathan Michaud was already a name we were familiar with. He is well-known because of his long and short moves. In addition, he also trades just about anything.

One day he might trade penny stocks and small caps. The next day he might search for high priced stocks. Nevertheless, his experience is best shown when he is using shorting parabolic moves.

The main idea behind this strategy is not to go shorting too early. Instead, he usually waits for the top to come. After that happens, he goes short and enjoys the benefits of that move.

He boasts with extreme amounts of patience, which help him guide traders through a couple of point moves. Unlike others, he avoids scalping moves and saves his strength for bigger ones.

When he gets it right, this accounts for incredible gains. However, no one is always right, and even when he experiences losses, he deals with it with dignity and honesty.


Unlike other similar services, Michaud doesn’t have a particular marketing strategy. He doesn’t want to flaunt his money or his gains, so the primary sources of marketing are the results. He regularly posts his success on social networks like Twitter and Facebook. On Twitter, he has more than 60 thousand followers.

Although modest, his strategies are still admirable and the reason many people follow his trading moves. He is famous for regularly using his extensive knowledge about setups. In addition, his results are the best marketing strategy for his service.

Because of this large social network following, new members come to IU every day.

Alerts and Ideas at Investors Underground

If you search for Investors Underground videos on YouTube, you will get access to great videos made especially for beginners. However, if you want to use their chat rooms, you will have to pay a $197 or $297 per month subscription.

Furthermore, the chat rooms themselves do not offer many educational resources. They are mainly used by already established traders who exchange trade ideas every day. Moreover, the trade ideas are not like the regular trade alerts you might encounter in other similar platforms.

Once you start participating in the chat rooms, you will soon realize that they do not offer standard trade alerts. Instead, Nathan Michaud and other moderators typically post cryptic messages which the users interpret. A beginner could easily get confused if he doesn’t know the terminology. Still, you can learn it all from the DVDs.

Other chat rooms generally have these education resources in the room, so that you can learn and follow the trades at the same time.

However, you shouldn’t get discouraged right away and think you shouldn’t become a member of Investors Underground. Many users think of this platform as a useful tool that will teach you how to day trade without any distractions. Furthermore, Nathan Michaud’s calls are usually on the spot. Moreover, you will also learn how to manage your own trades by assessing the risks.

Investors Underground Review - Is Their Service Worth Your Time?

We recommend Investors Underground services to all traders who want to learn about day trading from the experts. Not only is Nathan Michaud an evidently fantastic trader, but he also offers a unique service other chat rooms cannot give you.

He has an advantage over newer chat rooms that offer similar resources. However, with his no-nonsense approach and the number of alerts you are getting every day, it is safe to say that the subscription fee is well worth it.

Still, if you are a beginner, then you will have to devote yourself to serious studying. In addition, you will probably have to invest in his DVDs so that you could learn the terminology. That way, you will have a better chance of understanding what other traders and moderators are writing on the chat room timeline.

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