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The SRS has a unique trading focus compared to other stock market newsletters. We don’t believe in exposing our clients to a large amount of risk. Instead, we focus on steadily building wealth by taking quick, reliable trade set ups, keeping tight stop losses and quickly locking in profits.

As in baseball, trying to swing for a home run every time at bat, aiming for big gains in the stock market usually ends up with poor overall results.

1.Buy only where the stock is most likely to find dip buyers
2.Lock away profits
3.Exit quickly if something goes wrong
Repeat again and again and again.
Stock Market Trading Strategy
Only a small number of stocks break out and then go on to make strong gains. Traders end up giving back everything they made on the one or two good breakouts they are lucky enough to find. Unfortunately, many stock market trading newsletter providers simply offer their clients break out set ups, which offer no clear areas of support to place stop losses and which more often than not, cause them to enter even as smart money is selling for a profit.
Trading set ups we focus on for our stock market newsletter are those stocks that are in a strong trend, but that have recently formed a basing area that allows us to buy safely.

Trade in direction of trend

Buy from sound bases
Buy strength, sell weakness

Stock Market Pick Strategy:

In today’s market, technical analysis isn’t enough. SRS is a trading newsletter that believes in doing the hard work that leads to better results. Technical analysis is a method known by millions of traders and as a result, it has lost its edge. What does work in today’s trading environment is a combination of both technical and fundamental factors that take in the whole picture.

Before we offer newsletter subscribers a stock we make sure it has great relative strength, we focus only on leadership stocks in leading sectors, and we buy only companies that have strong earnings and consistently improving fund ownership. It takes more time, effort and experience to find and analyze stocks that meet these criteria, but it reduces risk and improves probabilities for success.

Focus on leadership
Increasing fund ownership
Increasing EPS
Relative Strength

SRS Newsletter Risk Management Strategy:

Our stock trading newsletter has a unique approach to risk management we call the Smart Money Principle™.
The Smart Money Principle is a risk reduction, or risk management tool. The goal is to earn at least 10% when your stock succeeds, but that you strictly limit your stock stop loss to only 2%-3% when your stock fails. If you follow this risk management rule, you will always be moving forward.
In a nutshell, for our trading stock market newsletter we:
Buy at support;
we take quick 10% profits;

and we use the Smart Money Principle™ so that we never slip backwards.

Position sizing
Stop loss placement
SRS Smart Money Principle™

SRS Trading Stock Market Newsletter

On average, with our stock trading strategies, we buy a stock at support and lock in gains at 10%. If something goes wrong in the stock market, we exit quickly with a 2%-3% loss. This gives us a 3-1 online trading profit margin and the results net a lot more profit than you probably think.

Newsletter subscribers receive:

Daily market analysis
Stock trading recommendations
Detailed entry, target, and stop loss prices
Detailed stock trade description (technical and fundamental)
Detailed guidance for open positions

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SRS is a one-stop solution provider that helps traders and investors maximize their returns from the markets with the help of a daily Trading Stock Market Newsletter and stock trading services.