Unlike other stock trading newsletter services you may have been exposed to, we are committed to the success of our subscribers. It is not enough for us to just collect your fees and give you stocks to trade each day. We want to work with our subscribers by helping them improve their skills and we want to see each of our subscribers reach the level of success they have always hoped for.

►We let you know where to buy, sell, and what to do if something goes wrong

►Lock away quick profits (about 10%)

►The goal is to always keep your money growing, never letting your account slip backwards

Stock Market Trading Strategy

Here’s a secret most stock trading books and newsletter services won’t tell you. Chart patterns are unreliable when the market is not trading in a strong trend. And, since the market is not trending 70% of the time, patterns are unreliable most of the time.

Traders following traditional technical analysis strategies get traded by smart money all the time. Here is an example of a failed chart pattern. Technical traders are programed to sell short when a stock breaks like this. The pattern below happens far more often than technical analysts would have you believe.

Before we take a trade, we step back and take a look at the big picture. How are leadership stocks performing? Is the market in a confirmed uptrend? Is the stock we want to trade in a strong uptrend? Most importantly, does the stock have a sound base of support we can trade from? We will trade when the markets are not trending, but we have to severely adjust our strategies and lighten up on our activity when they are not.

* Trade in direction of trend

* Buy from sound bases

* Buy strength, sell weakness

Trading Stock Pick Strategy

Measuring market trends and finding technical patterns is not enough. Technical analysis is a useful tool for measuring entry points and making trade decisions, among other things, only after you do your homework and determine if the stock you want to buy has real future opportunities. We start with leadership stocks. These are the stocks that funds are buying. Funds have the power to move prices and we want to be where they are. Then we check to see if the company has strong earnings, improving relative strength, increasing fund ownership, and most importantly, a good story. The company should be innovative and have sound business practices that will help it take over market share. If a company has all this, chances are much better it will behave as expected when technical analysis signals trigger a buy. If not, smart traders may be hiding behind the scenes waiting to sell when you buy, or vice versa.

* Focus on leadership

* Increasing fund ownership

* Increasing EPS

* Relative Strength

Newsletter Risk Management Strategy

Our stock trading newsletter has a unique approach to risk management we call the Smart Money Principle™.

In the field of professional investing, being correct 55%-65% of the time is considered extremely good. However, it is possible to be right 80% of the time and still go broke in the end if you don’t have a good money management strategy in place. All it takes is one or two big losses to wipe out all of your hard-earned gains. This is why it is important to have a strong risk management strategy in place.

In a nutshell, for our trading stock newsletter we:

* Buy at support;

* we take quick 10% profits;

* and we use the Smart Money Principle™ so that we never slip backwards.

* Position sizing

* Stop loss placement

* SRS Smart Money Principle™

SRS Trading Stock Market Newsletter Service

You may have noticed that with other trading stock newsletters you are provided only the name of the stock and perhaps a suggested entry price. We understand how frustrating and useless this can be so we have attempted to make this process as simple and straight forward as possible.

With each selection you are provided a chart with a clearly defined entrance price, a clearly defined profit-taking price, and a clearly defined exit price where you are to stop out if something goes wrong.

Newsletter Service subscribers receive:

* Daily market analysis

* Stock trading recommendations

* Detailed entry, target, and stop loss prices

* Detailed stock trade description (technical and fundamental)

* Detailed guidance for open positions

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