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A large number of trading stock investment newsletter services post claims that can only be described as unbelievable. The best of the best stock investment traders running big funds earn at best 30 percent returns on average — some years are higher and some are lower.

Smaller investors, who have more flexibility to quickly move in and out of positions can do better (we’ve earned over 100% annual returns consistently for over seven years) but the reality is, no one is earning the kind of returns so many newsletters advertise with their magical stock options strategies and fantastic foreign exchange secrets


It’s our goal to earn our clients real wealth that continues to grow. We aren’t an entertainment service for gamblers. We approach stock trading and our investments with prudence and attempt to balance risk with reward so that we maximize client returns without exposing them to losses down the road.

Stock Trading Strategy:

Stock trading can be exciting and when a stock moves up 10, 20, or 50 percent or more in a day, that’s really exciting. For some reason, these kinds of moves attract new buyers so many newsletters take advantage of this phenomenon and give their clients recommendations to buy stocks that just can’t be reasonably managed. Unfortunately, many times this means their clients will end up holding the bag as better stock traders run off with their money.

Instead, we look for stocks that are in a strong trend, but that have recently spent some time working off overbought conditions by forming a basing area. These kinds of bases offer a great buy point when the price begins to move again because it allows you to place a stop loss under an area of strong support.  Bases also offer a strong potential launch pad for sustainable higher prices.

Trade in direction of trend
Buy from sound bases
Buy strength, sell weakness
Stock Pick Strategy:

Where and how we buy is only a small part of the equation that adds up to consistent gains. First, it’s important to pick the right stocks. Technical patterns are great, but they don’t give you the full picture. Instead, it’s important to drill down and look for those stocks that are under accumulation by those who have enough money to move them. That means we focus on leadership stocks. We analyze which sectors are leading the market and then we look at what stocks are leading those sectors. We also look to see if funds have been consistently increasing ownership, if the company is posting strong earnings, and most importantly, we want to know if the company has future growth potential.

Focus on leadership
Increasing fund ownership
Increasing EPS
Relative Strength
Risk Management Strategy:

Our risk management strategy is simple, but unique to the trading stock investment newsletter world. We never buy a stock unless it has at least a 10 percent reward potential and we keep our losses under 2% when we are wrong. For over seven years now, we have kept our loss average on losing positions below 2 percent. We have done so by adjusting position size based on market conditions and support levels, adjusting stops as necessary, and by buying where we know buyers have consistently provided support. The great thing about this strategy is that we only need to be correct 50 percent of the time to earn serious profits as you can see in the example of 10 trades below.

Position sizing
Stop loss placement
SRS 10/2 Ratchet System
SRS Trading Financial Investment Newsletter Service

Each morning, several hours before the financial markets open, clients receive the SRS trading stock investment newsletter in their email in box. The newsletter contains a detailed analysis of the market conditions, an assessment of probabilities for success that day and detailed trade recommendations, including where to buy, where to sell if something goes wrong, and where to take profit. And, we follow up with each recommendation. We hold our client’s hands throughout the trade. Each day we review how the trade is performing and make adjustments as necessary until we close out the position.

Daily market analysis
Stock trading recommendations
Detailed entry, target, and stop loss prices
Detailed stock trade description (technical and fundamental)
Detailed guidance for open positions

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