Many trading and financial investment newsletters attract clients by posting stocks they have picked that experienced huge gains. The implication is that they can help their clients earn a fantastic fortune. But of course, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. The best money managers out there are earning 30 percent a year at best. Smaller traders who aren’t managing large funds can earn substantially more, but returns of 500, 1000 percent or more are fairy tales. It is possible to use certain strategies to wrack up huge gains in a short period of time, but no one does it consistently and those who try either go broke or learn a quick lesson and stop before they do.

SRS has a commitment it makes to subscribers to help them beat the averages and build up lasting wealth that is real, not just a fantasy designed by slick advertisers.  We do this by focusing on only the strongest stocks in the strongest sectors, doing our homework by analyzing both the fundamentals and technical analysis of the stocks we trade, and by employing risk management strategies that keep the money we earn when we invest in the financial markets.

Stock Trading Strategy

Any financial newsletter can pick a stock that just exploded higher. The real test is, if they can make their clients a consistent profit using this strategy. Fireworks are great for investors who want excitement, but the financial markets don’t offer easy money. In fact, there are investors in the financial community that like to play wack-a-mole with stocks that just broke with a huge gain. Investors who buy these stocks as often as not find they end up holding the bag as someone else runs off with their money.

We usually shrug off those stocks that are attracting the crowds. Instead we look for strong stocks in a strong trend that have spent some time consolidating their gains in a base. The base offers support and it tells us that new moves higher aren’t likely to attract profit-takers. But that’s not enough. The company must be strong and have a good, rational reason why smart investors might be buying. We don’t want to buy stocks that offer smart investors a selling opportunity. We want to buy stocks that investors accumulate even as prices move higher because growth prospects are improving.

Trade in direction of trend
Buy from sound bases
Buy strength, sell weakness

Stock Pick Strategy:

As we noted above, we take in the whole picture before we recommend a stock for our financial investment newsletter clients. Fundamental analysis isn’t just for long term investors. It’s the companies that have a good story, that have increasing fund ownership, that have improving earnings, that offer the best trading opportunities as well as investment opportunities.  Moreover, when we do our homework, we generally are able to avoid getting caught by surprises that sometimes occur in the financial markets.

Focus on leadership
Increasing fund ownership
Increasing EPS
Relative Strength

Risk Management Strategy:

Our risk management strategy is simple, but well-tested and sound. We focus on stocks that offer at least 10 percent reward potential and keep our losses below 2 percent when we are wrong. We have consistently kept our loss average on losing positions below 2 percent by adjusting position size, adjusting stops as the trade progresses, and by buying where we know there is strong price support. The real beauty of this strategy is that we only need to be correct 50 percent of the time to earn serious profits as you can see in the example of 10 trades below.

Position sizing
Stop loss placement
SRS 10/2 Ratchet System

SRS Trading Financial Investment Newsletter Service

Each morning, several hours before the financial markets open, clients receive the SRS trading financial investment newsletter in their email in box. The newsletter contains a detailed analysis of the market conditions, an assessment of probabilities for success that day and detailed trade recommendations, including where to buy, where to sell if something goes wrong, and where to take profit. And, we follow up with each recommendation. We hold our client’s hands throughout the trade. Each day we review how the trade is performing and make adjustments as necessary until we close out the position.

Daily market analysis
Stock trading recommendations
Detailed entry, target, and stop loss prices
Detailed stock trade description (technical and fundamental)
Detailed guidance for open positions

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