Turkey’ s offical trademark Office Turkish Patent and Trademark institution is maybe the most transparent institution around the world that you can reach information easily. In case even you have the opportunity to talk to the trademark experts who work in Turkish Patent and Trademark Office by phone. In order to access newsletter information, it is necessary to signup. The processing time from first filing to registration is approximately 5 to 7 months. Sometimes formal examination only takes one day from application but average time is 1 – 2 months. Two bulletins per month and according to variable seasonal conditions and every bulletin contains Approximately 4000-7000 trademarks Along with the changing law in 2017, TPE generally makes a bulletin decision about the trademarks that aren’t exact or very similar to prior marks. Therefore If prior rightholders want to protect their trademarks, should take a consideration about follow these publıcations or absolutely must seek a local attorneys or agents who provides marka tescil services in Turkey. Bulletin duration is 2 months from the publication date in the TPE ’s Official Gazette. Expert decisions can show extreme differents in same cases . Popular Turkish idiom tells us “One says white, the another says black” Along with the changing law in 2017, trademarks can have color protection now but unfortunately nobody knows what is color protection and how it can work. If you are going to file a objection to similar trademark grounds likelihood of Confusion or relates to another reasons with your prior trademark, and of course if you are right %100 about your cases all your need to do to file and write some simple sentences. There is no need for hundreds of pages literature. The trademarks that file the board of appeals generally face negative decision about 80% against the opponent Sometimes big companies and trademarks can influence the decision of the board of appeals or trademark experts.

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