Living with diabetes can be difficult, and for those who have been recently diagnosed, it can be a frightening prospect. Monitoring your blood sugar levels is absolutely crucial, and making sure that you understand what foods can trigger spikes and crashes in these levels is equally important. If you are looking for a way to better track your glucose and to better understand the relationship between your diet and your health, a diabetes tracker is a tool you simply cannot do without.

With a proper tracker, you will find that there are many things you can manage more easily. There will be ample space to record your blood sugar readings as well as symptoms, and even spaces to track your sleep and other important factors. More importantly, however, a quality tracker will offer a mobile food journal option that allows you to easily keep track of everything you have eaten, including calorie counts, sugar and carb content, and more. With this type of option, managing symptoms becomes simpler.

With a quality mobile or online food journal, you can keep track of everything you eat. This means not only the ability to track prepared foods such as restaurant food and packaged foods, but the ability to insert the ingredients in a recipe and measure portion sizes to get accurate calorie and nutrient counts for the amount you take in. Many trackers also include a function for tracking the exercise you do so that you can better manage your body’s specific caloric and energy needs in order to ensure that you are always eating properly for your condition and your overall health. Whether you are looking to lose weight or just to get better control of the disease, you will find that this is a very valuable tool.

At the end of the day, properly tracking your diabetes is critical. The disease is progressive, and when your blood glucose is allowed to run unchecked or uncontrolled, it can progress much more rapidly than it would for someone who managed their diet and activity levels. Take the time to understand the importance of diet and diabetes and to understand what a difference proper management can make. Your health is the most important thing you will ever have in life, and a mobile calorie tracker can help ensure that it is properly cared for.

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Ryan Newhouse is a longtime health writer, avid cyclist and general outdoorsman. He has traveled extensively and appreciates sourcing local ingredients for healthy meals and drinks, and he always keeps his mobile food journal at hand.